Chocolate Garden Truffles

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  1. Has anyone ever tried truffles from the Chocolate Garden? They are so good!!!! If you haven't you should definitely go check out their website.

    My favorite flavors are: Dark Chocolate Cherry & White Chocolate Strawberry
  2. We don't have the Chocolate Garden here, at least I don't know of one. But when it comes to truffles...I loveeeeeeeee Godiva's!!!:drool:
  3. Well there is only one Chocolate Garden in the whole wide world! I got mines from their website .... you can guess A little pricey .... BUT SOOOO GOOD. Not to offend Godiva lovers .... but they make Godiva look like Hersheys.
  4. Really? Hum...thanks for the link...:P I am gonna go ck that site out now.