Chocolate Fix in perfumes

  1. What perfumes have you tried that have a great chocolate scent?TIA
  2. aqualina chocolate lovers
    theirry mugler's angel (if the patchuli works with you instead of against you like it does on me)

  3. I love Aqualina! I can't wear TM, so disappointed. It doesn't smell right on me!
  4. i can't wear TM either. so sad.

    angel is like that old nursery rhyme: when its good, it's very very good, but when it's bad its AWFUL...
  5. i adore TM angel innocent. works amazing for me. give it a try, less harsh than the original
  6. The Body Shop Amorito, warm dark chocolat
  7. I adore TM Angel and Angel Innocent is great if I feel the chance of a migraine coming. But Aqualina seems to make the closest to chocolate scent.
  8. Comptoir Sud Pacifique- Amour de Cacao :love:
  9. Fresh used to make a chocolate scented line, but I don't know if they discontinued it. Their Milk body lotions come in a chocolate scent.
  10. any of the chocolate scents from jacqua mmmm they smell so good they make me hungry! lol
  11. Serendipitous makes an amazing chocolate fragrance. It's true chocolate--delish! Comptoir Sud Pacifique also makes a good one--Amor de Cacao--to me, it smells like shortbread and those chocolate oranges you whack open.
  12. Serendipitous is my all-time favorite chocolate scent, it's amazing! :love:

  13. Jaqua products always smell so yummy. I have the 3 pack of Buttercream, Peach Parfait and Chocolate, and they all smell amazing!!!
  14. I love TM Angel Innocent its yummy!! I agree its not as intense as the original!
  15. Mat with chocolate.