Chocolate Fashion Show NYC On Thursday

  1. New York - Chocoholics and fashionistas became one last evening at the 9th Annual Chocolate Show in New York on Thursday, November 9th. Hosted by Mark DeCarlo of NBC's Sale of the Century, top fashion labels such as Rebecca Taylor, Abaete, Hollywould and Jean Yu, worked alongside gifted pastry chefs and chocolatiers to create edible haute couture that was modeled by VIPs and tastemakers.
    Guests were also treated with a wide sampling of chocolate delights at the various booths which offered delicious creations and new products by skilled chocolatiers, including Jacques Torres, Fairytale Brownies and the Chocolate Bar. For the truly dedicated chocoholics, the showcase even boasted a Chocolate Beauty Bar where guests were pampered with massages and other relaxation treatments using Palmer's Cocoa Butter products from ET Browne, as well as a Barnes & Noble book display with new releases from top pastry chefs such as Tish Boyle and Andrew Shotts.

    )One of my favourite annual shows :heart: ENJOY !

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  4. That's really cool!! I would love to see that!
  5. That chocolate trim handbag is adorable! And is that daniel v's model from project runway in the second post?
  6. Awesome pics !!!! Thanks Prada!!!
  7. Wow!!!! That would be an incredible show to attend.
  8. I want that chocolate handbag!! :drool: :drool: :heart:
  9. Your welcome Megs ! There was also delicious chocolate made without milk, which i stuffed my face with. :yes:
  10. not sure if this is the same as the one that comes to paris and tokoyo. if it is i went this yr and it was GREAT so fun
  11. That's awesome! I loove chocolate & fashion, it works hand in hand!