Chocolate Edith

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the Edith in the new chocolate color? I missed it during the five minutes NM had it on their site, but I am dying to see it! If you have one, please post it. :biggrin:
  2. I saw it on NM and it was gorgeous!! I wish I would have pre-ordered that one instead of the whiskey. I saw some pics of the whiskey on eBay and it looks really orange. :sad2: I have the chocolate spy and the choc edith looked like the same color....that's why I didn't get it. I think you'll be very happy....the color suits the bag very well.
  3. I have seen multiple photos of the whiskey, and it looks really nice from what I can tell. Not so orange, but a reddish-brown. There will be a turquoise soon, as well. If the chocolate comes up again anywhere, someone please snag a photo!
    Chloe Compilation.jpeg

  4. i still like the whiskey better and thank goodness i ordered it, seems like its going to be hot
  5. It looks so cool in the light blue! I never pictured the bag in that color... I wonder if Chloe makes a Paddington in turquoise too?
  6. is the edith's leather like the paddington or smoother less pebblier as it seems in the photos?
  7. Not that I know of, but they did the light (jeans moyen) blue...
    Chloe Blue outside 3.jpg
  8. I don't "get" why the Edith is so "hot"--but that turquoise is beautiful!
  9. I think it's because it's so "everybag"...but by Chloe! It's a lot simpler than the Paddington, more of a work bag shape. I was just drawn to it as soon as I saw it. Trying to decide if I need a second color, and which one to buy next!
  10. lol i'm just the opposite i love the edith actually more and more each time i see pics of it :love::love::love: but i am not to fond of the turquoise...
  11. Your puppy is SO cute!!!