Chocolate Edith and Paddy Wrist Clutch Available

  1. NM in Troy, MI just got in the most gorgeous Chocolate Edith!!!

    They also just got in the Paddington wrist clutch silver and black for $525. It is so adorable, I almost caved and got one!

    If anyone is interested, call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 642-8442! Happy shopping!
  2. Thanks for the info!! I wish I weren't broke!!!
  3. Me too Megs! I just go or call her just to drool and dream! I am seriously purse poor right now (all my money is going to one thing right now:graucho:)! I really want the paddy clutch= it is so cute! I just might have to cave!
  4. short hills mall, NJ had a silver and a black today too (paddy wristlet) and 3 ediths, an orange pocket paddy, a black large betty, chamois large betty, the orange buckle paddy wallet, tons of shipment! they had some of the new styles too but haven't looked at the names....
  5. Went back today as well. They had a whiskey edith and a mustak (sp?) edith right there!!! The Whiskey was GORGEOUS!!! They had a ton of other new fall bags as well.
  6. Saw the chocolate and sage (unsure of actual name) Edith bags at NM BH today. Chocolate was very pretty! Saw whiskey at Saks BH...but it may have been the large (seen from a distance)...
  7. It sounds like the leather on the new fall Edith bags is just as nice as spring from what you gals are posting here. I thought the leather was more rigid with less scrumpling, or does that still vary from bag to bag?
  8. I saw (or paid attention to) the Whiskey Edith and it looked scrumptious! It was really gorgeous!