Chocolate Demi

  1. I bought the Chocolate Demi at Dillards on monday, well I got home and let me tell you it looks much bigger than it is. I was so disappointed cause I was wishing it was a little bit bigger. I did take it back, Im thinking about the chocolate shoulder bag and i saw on the website they made a flap in the new chocolate as well. I really like that too !

    BTW kinda on another subject but boy buying coach from a department store / eBay doesnt feel the same as going to the store. I feel like I have to support my girls! hehe
  2. I have the black sig stripe demi and I love it! I think the size is perfect. But I love small bags-- this new sig stripe tote I've ordered is going to be a new world for me!
  3. they made the carly in chocolate in the pouch too which is bigger than the demi. I saw it at Dillards in Las Vegas.
  4. I think the small carly's seem even smaller is because the zippers are inset about an inch into the opening of the bag.