Chocolate Day BIN $699

  1. does water really do that to the leather? I saw that and couldn't understand how water would do that. It also looks like the stain rides up the side into the corner a little bit. the leather looks wonderful, but that stain depresses me, especially when I don't see how water could do that.
  2. Eek I don't like that stain either. At least it's on the bottom of the bag...
  3. it's a descent price though. the color is lovely for fall.
  4. Ohhh, if only it's a First or a City!! :sweatdrop:
  5. but can someone tell me if water really does that to the leather? It looks like an ink or wine spill, not water. And if water does that to a leather that dark, then eeeeeek!! I'm going to have to polyeurathane my bags!
  6. I have been looking at that and looking and looking. I DID ask the seller how she got the water stain, but to no avail. I LOVE the bag. Was wondering if I could send it to that place (forgot the name of it) since they said they can work on water stains. I also wonder if its highly conditioned if that would help it not be so noticeable. I ask too many questions dont I?
  7. Gone