Chocolate Carly Versus Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag Khaki/ebony

  1. OK....I'm torn....I just ordered the new chocolate medium Carly, but I saw pics of the legacy signature shoulder bag style 10339 in khaki/ebony and LOVE LOVE LOVE it too! Cant have me choose...which would YOU buy if you could ONLY have ONE??????
  2. That's a tough one! I love the khaki/ebony color combo!! Why don't you get the best of both worlds and get the khaki/black Carly!!!
  3. HMMMMM........I LOVE chocolate brown....IF the legacy came in the chocolate THAT would be MY bag! I guess it's more the style question that I am unsure of b/c I love both styles!!!!!!! I wish I could have BOTH but I cant!!!!!!
  4. The khaki/ebony is awesome, I have the wristlet and the Ali in that color. I like that combo; it matches anything, looks dressy and casual depending on what you are wearing.
  5. I vote for the khaki/black combo Carly...I saw it at the Copley store last week and it was gorgeous! Whatever you decide will be fantastic, both bags are great!
  6. well, I misunderstood......I have the Legacy Ali and I think it is too big. It is a matter of personal choice. I like smaller bags. The bag itself is awesome.
  7. The legacy bag!
  8. I have the legacy bag in khaki/ebony and I love it!
  9. I will ALWAYS vote for legacy over another style. The shoulder bag is amazing. Besides, the Khaki/ebony will literally go with EVERYTHING.
  10. carly!!
  11. I just got the legacy shoulder in khaki/ebony and I LOVE it!!
  12. carly
  13. My vote goes for the carly, too, but legacy is my first love!
  14. LEGACY definitely!
  15. My vote goes for carly, only because I don't like that whole khaki against black look.