Chocolate Carly, Signature or Leather?


Chocolate Carly, signature or leather

  1. Signature Chocolate

  2. Leather Chocolate

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  1. I have the Khaki/Saddle medium signature Carly. I am thinking about the Chocolate Carly, but not sure if I should go signature or leather. My SA says leather, but I want to know what y'all think?
  2. hhmmmm that's a hard one I have only ever looked at and had the carly in signature... I actually just bought the medium chocolate in siggy but am selling it because I am keeping a different bag. It's beautiful though!! :tup:
  3. I vote signature....only b/c for ME it's lighter, and easier to maintain having 2 kids. :tup: The leather is pretty too though!!!!!
  4. Thanks Field and Mommyville! I knew I could count on y'all for an opinion. I appreciate it!
  5. I think Signature is better for the Carly, simply because there are classier styles for an all-leather bag...if that makes sense.

    I think the Signature Carlys are much more eye-catching!
  6. I have the khaki/saddle Carly and it's gorgeous! Also maybe the signatures are lighter (in weight) than the leather.
  7. as someone with both a sig and leather carly, i must say SIGNATURE in this's the best!!!
  8. I voted for the siggy caz I have it and it is an amazing bag. I agree with others that it will be lighter you won't have to worry about scratches....PLUS, IMHO, I think it's prettier....but I may be biased
  9. I like the chocolate Carly in signature. I think it has a nice slouchy look and is lighter and easier to care for. I wouldn't mind a leather chocolate Carly though!
  10. Y'all are so awesome! I really do prefer the siggy over the leather too. My SA loves only leather, but that doesn't mean I have to, so I am sticking with my gut, and yours, and going for the siggy!!!!!! Thanks girls!
  11. ^Awesome! You won't regret it! Remember to post pics when you get it!:biggrin:
  12. Hmm... I think it depends what kind of look you're going for. If you're looking for a more casual everyday bag, I'd say sig. If you're looking for something classier, go for leather. Myself, I'd personally go for sig.
  13. The Chocolate sig Carly is gorgeous! I was waiting for the choc leather to come out and see it in person but when I did it didn't wow me like I thought it would. That isn't too say it is not nice, it is a great shape bag and the leather was very soft, I just prefer the sig in the Carly.
  14. Good choice!!! :tup: I think that's the best, don't let anyone (even us!) talk you into something that you don't love.. you are the one that has to wear it, not us or her! :yes: I really love the carly in siggy, especially the chocolate.. it's just so rich and pretty and doesn't scream the c's but they show... if I didn't have bills to pay right now I would have kept the one I just ordered :push:
  15. I personally love the signature one. I hope thats what santa (my husband) brings me for Christmas.