Chocolate Carly signature or Chocolate/brown Legacy signature shoulder bag


medium chocolate Carly Signature or legacy signature shoulder bag

  1. medium chocolate Carly Signature

  2. brown/chocolate Legacy Signature shoulder bag

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  1. Hi Girls!!!!

    Please help me to decide which bag to buy. I love :love:both medium Carly signature and Legacy signature shoulder bag in chocolate color but my budget only allows me to buy one for now :crybaby:

    Any of you owned one of these two bags please let me know the pros and cons of each. Thanks so much. :yahoo:
    Carly.jpg legacy.jpg
  2. Hmmm... Maybe one thing to think about is how much stuff you carry? Could all your things fit into the shoulder bag? If not, the Carly is the way to go. But I have the medium denim Carly and that's just too heavy of a bag for me so I only use it occasionally now.

    As far as looks go, I like the Carly.
  3. I voted the legacy shoulder bag because I like the look of the signature on it better.
  4. Definitely the Carly!!!!!!! Such a gorgeous bag!!!!!!
  5. I voted for the Chocolate Carly, but this is a really tough one! That chocolate brown legacy signature is the nicest brown ever because its on a black background, so the look is really different that just the regular chocolate signature. However as much as I love the look of the bag overall, I took mine back because it was just sooo bulky under my arm. I described it as carrying a football - the strap length was so that it rested by my side and I felt like my arm was just sticking out bulky-like. KWIM? The Carly is super-comfortable to carry w/a little longer strap. They are really two totally different looks, so it comes down to which you are comfortable with, but you really cant go wrong with either one - in my opinion they are two of Coach's best-looking bags.
  6. The Carley's are cute but the Legacy line is beautiful.
  7. love both like everyone else! If you like both equally....which one is more functional for you? Do you like pockets/slip pocket on the outside of a bag? If so, get the shoulder bag if it doens't matter..go for the Carly. Did you try both bags on? Which one felt more comfortable to you?
  8. My vote goes for Carly....she is VERY comfortable to wear on the shoulder and she is just sooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!!! And that slouch........TDF!!!!!!! :yes:
  9. In signature, definitely the Carly. But I'm a little partial (see avatar) :tup: