Chocolate Carly for trendy inteview...

  1. Hiya! I have a second interview with a trendy company, so style counts!

    Should I use my large chocolate carly? Or do you think a designer bag would turn off the employer...? I also have a large tote LV, but they might think I don't need another job if I use that

    What do you think? Chocolate carly, LV, or NO designer bag (aldo bag)...??

    Help please! It's tomorrow!!

  2. If its the leather one, then I would say to go for it but if it's signature, I think maybe no logos is best for an interview. Then again, it depends on the company.
  3. It's hard to know what your employer's style is or the culture of the company based upon this post, but I think the chocolate carly is much more understated than most sig bags, so it could be a good choice. if you're worried about it, maybe choose a non-designer bag?
  4. I'm planning on lugging my carly around on interviews. It stands up nicely with larger folders in there, so I think it would look great.
  5. well, i usually wear a no name bag and inimal jewllery for an interview, dont wanna put anyone off. but then again, i work in the federal public service
  6. chocolate carly!!!
  7. I think that the Chocolate Carly in signature is very subtle and would be suitable for an interview.
  8. I agree that the chocolate carly doesn't scream coach at you. Its a great looking bag.
  9. I dont know about the chocolate carly w/ all the brass standing out from the dark brown. its a gorgeous bag but may be too much for the interview... do you have any signature black on black? i think something like that would be best. But most of all, good luck on your interview!!!
  10. I think if it's a "trendy" company, the Coach should be fine! Then, if you get the job, you can always bring out the LV if you think she'll fit in with the crowd! But you can't go wrong with understated at a job interview - YOU want to be the one stands out, not your accessories! GOOD LUCK!!!