Chocolate Brown Leather Carly

  1. I got a call from my fave SA on Monday. She told me that the Chocolate Leather Carly can now be ordered from JAX. :tup:
    She doesn't think that they'll be in the stores until early October, but they can still be ordered now. Is anyone going to order one? I still haven't decided yet. I have purchased A LOT of purses in the last couple months. I'm not sure if I can afford another one right now. I

    f anyone does order it, please post pics. I'm eager to see what it looks like.
  2. Do you have the style number? Thanks for the info.:tup:
  3. I wonder if the red can be ordered now too???
  4. The style number is No. 10616 and the color is B4/Brown.
    The bag is all brown meaning even the straps on the side are brown - no contrast color. This bag is blah in my opinion. I won't be posting any pictures so please don't get upset. This bag is going back today. Save your money and get something else.
  5. Thanks for the info LizCordova! I won't waste my money on this one.
  6. really liz? that's interesting...obviously the black leather is ALL black, but the hardware gives it life, but the brown is that bad?? i'm so surprised.

  7. Thanks, Liz, for posting this. I was curious about the color of the straps because I know I like the idea of chocolate leather for the main part of the bag...lemming killed.
  8. I am really sorry girls but I cannot post pictures because it is not coming home with me. The Leigh Bag and Ali are much nicer bags in my opinion. If Coach had just made the straps on the chocolate brown leather Carly a contrast color like black or cognac the bag would have had some interest. It just does not do anything for me at all. I am really disappointed as I really wanted to like this bag. Ah well, that is more money in my pocket for something else.
  9. Aw I wish I could see it. I've been waiting for this bag for months now. And everytime I ask the store in Vancouver and the one in Oakridge, they haven't heard of the chocolate, OR the the chili leather carlys. Its so annoying. But technically these bags DO exist!
  10. I find that we know more than the SA's do!!
  11. Glad I already have the signature one......if the leather is really that blah I have a feeling the sig is gonna be an even hotter seller......
  12. Here are the pictures of my chocolate Carly. Please don't ask me to post any extra pictures because there aren't any. The bag has already been returned so I hope this helps in your decision. As I said this bag is blah. When I returned it at lunchtime even the SA's said it was nothing special. Those of you who got the signature Choc/Choc Carly - Keep it. It is the nicest of the two.

  13. I have to agree, that is blah and does nothing for me at all.
    :nogood: Thanks for the pics!!
  14. Wow, thanks for the pic's! I agree that it's blah...however, the choc. signature Carly is very sharp!
  15. Yes, I LOVE the signature carly's!!! :tup: