Chocolate brown from )'05 or Marron

  1. Hi all,
    I purchased a lovely chocolate brown bag from a terrific PFer (come to find out) and I am wondering if this is the official color name for the bag. The link is
    My question is, how does this differ from the marron color?
    Sorry if I seem to ask ridiculous questions...I guess I am just so happy to find a group that is as bag obsessed as I am!;)
  2. Marron (reddish brown) is a 2004 color, chocolate is 05. Both are really beautiful!:smile:
    Chocolate is darker and doesn't have any red in it.
  3. Hi - I just recently bought a Marron from 2004. I put a picture of it up on a thread called Torn with Decision.... if you'd like to check out the color yourself. Congrats on your new bag.
  4. Thnx Ilovetoshop. Great Pix!! Also, I vote keep the caramel but both if you can! Love them!
  5. Thanks - but I really still don't know. :cry:
  6. what does the tag in the bag read? that might give some insight to the season of the bag. it looks like it has some red tint to it... more like maroon. whatever color it is... it's a very beautiful, rich color.
  7. i think it is so difficult to capture many of these colors in photographs, especially when the differences are so subtle. in some of the pictures your bag does seem to have a slight reddish tint, does it appear that way in real life? on the other hand i'm not sure (louisey or mimi or another "expert" might know) but i didn't think the day style was available until prespring 2005 which would mean yours would have to be the chocolate brown since the marron was 2004. in any case, it's beautiful!!! enjoy!
  8. i am pretty sure it is chocolate brown because angstofgumby (the seller/PFer) would have said marron if it were marron. she knows her bags and has great taste!
  9. It's Chocolate Brown (Fall 05).

    Marron (Fall 04) has way more red in it - the pics of this particular Day bag that appear very slightly red appear to be only because of the flash - the actual bag is darker.

    And as nycmom pointed out, this style of Day (there was a slightly different one earlier) didn't debut until Pre-Spring 2005.