Chocolate Brown Caviar Kelly.

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  1. I was in Chopard this afternoon trying to look for a birthday present for myself. I walk down Madison avenue and decided to drop into the Hermes store and take a look at what bags they have to let you ladies know. The one I found most appealing with a dark brown kelly, caviar leather , silver hardware. IT is in the NY store and there is no waitlist you have to come into the store and whatever they have they offer. But it was standing there gorgeous. I didn't purchase it because my bf's mother, pracitcally my mother in law has the same exact one. ITS TO DIE FOR, sooo classy. I can always borrow hers. IF anyone is interested, try to call the NY store. It is on Madison Ave.
  2. dark chocolate, not milk chocolate color ( LOL )
  3. Hmmm...sounds yummy, but what might you have been looking for in Chopard for yourself? That is equally interesting as well. Happy early birthday.
  4. Sounds beautiful! I don't think I could've resisted that one!! Actually, caviar leather is a Chanel term for their scratch-resistant textured leather. Did the Kelly have a large or small grained textured look to it?

    LUV Chopard, BTW!
  5. Do you know what size it was? What's the price on one of these bags?
  6. That bag sounds gorgeous! I am afraid to ask how much it was!:shame:

    By the way- happy birthday (whenever it is)!!! Did you find anything good at Chopard???:nuts:
  7. ay, nothing special in chopard lately. I am going to try my luck at cartier or van cleef.
  8. I love Cartier! While getting my watch cleaned, I drooled all over a pave flower ring with a ruby centert stone.
  9. Cartier & favourites.