chocolate box vs lilac box

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  1. Chocolate box

  2. Lilac box

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  1. what should I get???? :graucho:
  2. Mmmmmmm...chocolate!
  3. I need to see pics before I can decide
  4. ok..i am going to upload them for you :yes:
  5. pics of lilac box and chocolate box

  6. thank you!

    I like Lilac best
  7. love the choc
  8. Chocolate! Yummy!
  9. Love the lilac!
  10. love the chocolate !
  11. Chocolate all the way!
  12. Love them both. Tough decision, but I'd probably go with the lilac since they say the box is being discontinued. Chocolate would probably be easier to find in the future.
  13. Lilac mate is prettier in the picture
  14. That Lilac is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  15. You have to get that Chocolate! YUMMMMMM