Chocolate Betty(s) on Hold Nordstroms 40% off

  1. I had thought I cancelled this hold, but I just received a phone message from Jamie @ 425-455-5800 that she has my Betty(s) on hold. I am pretty sure she has a large and a medium Chocolate Betty, as I asked about both. They are 40% off retail price.

    If you are interested give her a call and say Pam told you to call. Tomorrow is also a good day to ring it up if you have a Nordstrom's card. You will recive double or triple points on your purchase. :flowers:
  2. Thank you chicbags. Jamie was gone for the evening but another SA left a message for her to call me tomorrow. I want the large size (17 x 16 x 6) I hope they have it. I have seen Bettys in other colors IRL but not the Chocolate color yet. I hope I'll like it!
  3. Jamie is my favorite SA at Nordstrom here where I live. Glad she is following up with sales calls to you all!
  4. There was a large chocolate Betty at Nordtrom in OR yesterday: 503-620-0555 if the other one is gone....
  5. I'll call Jamie in the am and alert her also. I know for sure she has the Large one. She was looking for the small one also. You call her first thing. She said it was a really NICE one! And then post pictures here when she arrives!

    PS - I saw the Chocolate at Neimans and it was good enough to eat!
  6. I sure will! Thank you! And thank you Bluegenie! I will call if the other bag is not available.:biggrin:
  7. One more thing to mention: there is a REALLY good SA at the Seattle Nordstrom store too. Her name is PEGGY. She knows all there is to know about Chloe. If you ever need help, call her too. (206) 628-2111

    She has worked for Nordstrom for eons and really knows her bags.

  8. Yes Roo, she is amazing!
  9. Are the Bettys the spring or summer editions? With rings & buckle clasp or without? Thanks!
  10. They are the higher priced ones. They do have rings.
  11. Thanks chicbags! I'm torn between the chocolate and the ivory -- yes the ones with the rings!
    Which way to go??
  12. Ah, if you're interested in the large ivory, I saw one of those at another Nordstrom on Monday - Portland OR Downtown store!
  13. Congratulations Annabelle :flowers: :yes: :biggrin:
  14. chicbags, thank you so much! :flowers:Jamie is the sweetest person! And thank you ladies for the info on the other stores. I am very anxious now! I know it will be a really nice one!:heart:
  15. There are 2 Betty Hobos in Chocolate at Mission Viejo Nordies if anyone is looking for one. :smile: