Chocolate Betty at Saks in Naples - 40% off!!

  1. I spoke to my SA in Naples (florida) Saks looking for a chocolate Paddy and she said she has 1 small (1700) chocolate Betty left that is 40%.

    If you are interested calle the Naples Saks and get it! Please ask for Diana and tell her that you were referred by a Purse Forum/group lady. :P
  2. Hi. What are the measurments of the small?
  3. I am not sure? I just know that the large is VERY duffle bag large. Maybe you can go to NM homepage and check it out? It retails for 1700 so with the 40% it would be $1020. It is her last one so I am sure it will be picked up this weekend during the Memorial Day weekend.
  4. Thanks. I will go look for the size of the small. I think I want the medium. I have seen the large in person. You are right. The large is really BIG.
  5. I think it only comes in two sizes: small or large (or medium/large). Whichever one it is the Saks in Naples has the smaller size.
  6. :yes: I nabbed it

    I hope it isn't too small. But then, it might be nice to have a smaller bag for a change :rolleyes:

    thanks :love:
  7. Oh, awesome Chicbags! Did you ask for Diana? She is so sweet! Did you know that she doesn't work for commission?
  8. Yes, but it was Diane. She said Diana was in shoes and they get each others calls. I had no idea that someone could be so nice!

    I may be getting the larger size instead, in which case I'll bump this thread. I can't decide, argghh.
  9. Hmmmm....ooops, I hope she didn't mind that I kept calling her Diana. hhehe
  10. I am sure she is used to it - no problem!

    I think the bag that I have on hold is the one that someone else wanted. I need to check...
  11. I have the one and only medium (small - $1705 retail/40% off) Chocolate Betty on hold to be rung up on 3/31. I have thought about it and I really need to pass on another bag right now. I am still waiting to find my small Edith too.

    I phoned and Betty is off until Tuesday. If you are interested when I call Tuesday I can let her know and then you can phone her. The number to Saks is 239-592-5900.
  12. chicbags...tried to pm you but your inbox is full
  13. Sorry, missbradshaw - I emptied it, try again
  14. re sent pm
  15. Hi there, I am interested in buying this bag. Has someone else claimed it yet?
    Pam -