Chocolate Bayswater Discontinued?

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  1. I wonder if Flannels being part of Sports Direct is why the customer service is shocking ?
  2. So, finally found a solution on my Bayswater issue: after having talked to a "Product Specialist" who looked at the pictures (which had to show that the scratched bag is THE bag, so the tags had to be shown), the customer service lady (who was very nice) a 10 % discount which was fine for me.

    The cs was okay but replys could have been a bit faster... I'm waiting for the refund now and will let you know if this has worked.
  3. I finally got my discount refund after having to email again to remind them. They hadn't even processed it a week after I accepted their offer. I finally got it anyway. Still lashing on the collinol cream as bay is so dry. But the more I treat her the better the marks are looking the main one on the front is practically gone 👍 glad you got a result you wanted :smile:
  4. Yes, they do not seem to be the fastest. I'll send them a reminder tomorrow morning to be sure.

    mine is also quite grateful for her regular collonil treatment and I'm looking forward to b.'s look after some weeks! 💜
  5. Congrats on your great price on your chocolate Bays. I bought one not too long ago from the Mulberry shop in Virginia. I paid full price without question because I knew the color is being discontinued. It is a lovely bag and arrived beautifully boxed and well packed. It still smells wonderful. Not certain why I hadn't bought this bag a long time ago. You will all love your bags. Enjoy!
  6. Labels Most Wanted has a new one for sale on the site at the moment if anyone is looking .
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    I'm located in the U.S. and just ordered a Chocolate Bayswater from Selfridge's. The closest Mulberry to me is about a 70-80 minute drive and with all the talk of Chocolate being discontinued, I decided now is the time to invest in one. I'm hoping it is securely packed and can handle the global journey OK. Their website said there were four bags left and Customer Service confirmed the Mulberries carried on their website are Made in the UK, so wish me luck!

    ETA: I'm now curious if all Selfridge's Mulberries truly are Made in the UK, as I thought the double zip tote was made in Italy.
  8. I've just come back from a visit to the M. concession in the House of Fraser Cheltenham and chatted with the S.A there and she said she's going to be getting a few of the last Chocolate bays that are being produced. I don't think it will be many but worth a phone call if anyone is interested and has a last minute chocolate craving.
  9. The double zip is made in Italy and the Bayswater is made in England. I purchased a chocolate Bays about two months ago from the Virginia Mulberry shop and it is wonderful.
  10. Just wanted to give a brief update on the Chocolate Bayswater from Selfridge's. I requested a Mulberry box and Customer Service said they had requested one, but that all items were shipped with adequate protection anyway. The bag arrived a few days ago without a Mulberry box but in a duster and cushioned with lots of bubble wrap and in a big cardboard shipping box. It looks great but for two hairline scratches right on the flap in an "X" shape - not really worth photographing because I think inevitably these surface scratches will happen anyway, though of course I wish they weren't there. What are your thoughts on this? has 3 Chocolate Bayswaters listed right now for US $1099 as well.
  11. Anyone else think it's odd that Mulberry are discontinuing chocolate when the most popular LV bags are brown - monogram and denier ebene??!

  12. I think it's incomprehensible to discontinue the chocolate. It's very much loved and a softer colour than black which can be harsh.

    Mulberry produce the best chocolate bags, in my opinion, the shade is just right.
  13. Well I was in my local Mulb concession at the weekend and low and behold...... A chocolate Bayswater appeared on their shelves. I asked about it being discontinued and the store manager confirmed its probably not going now, although they haven't had it in writing yet....

    And Oxblood is going to have a change of name to burgundy.

    That's all the news I have ....xx
  14. Well as a vegetarian I'm not sad to see that name go! [emoji106]
  15. Thanks for news.
    Name change seems strange.
    As "oxblood" denotes different color undertones(brown, purplish) to me, than burgundy.
    Unless they plan to fiddle with actual color, also.
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