Chocolate Bayswater Discontinued?

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  1. Yes, received it yesterday and what can I say - I was quite shocked by the "packing" (if I can call it that) it arrived in.

    Unfortunately it has some scratches on the leather (nothing that would from a cow's daily business on the meadow...) and there's some glue rests at the handles.

    Will send an Email to CS and ask what to do (getting a replacement or kind of discount...) - keep you updated if you're interested.

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  2. Are they even authentic??
  3. Flannels is a recognised seller of mulberry and other designers they also have shops in the UK
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    Yes Bloomy and fashionlover21 keep us updated . We like to know when people get good/bad service from shops/websites and to see how their customer service resolve problems.
  5. Thank you all for you advice I really have appreciated it! I used collinol on the bag and leather wipes and the inside marks have disappeared and the main scratch and been reduced dramatically to what you would presume to be a naturally occurring feature. Therefore I have decided to take the discount and keep her. Life is too short to be stressed for weeks trying to deal with bad customer service for more off. Rather than feeling the bag is tainted as baggymama has rightly pointed out from the ordeal of the bad experience I am putting my positive head on and feeling good that in keeping the bag I will treat her right. I don't think I would buy anything this expensive from flannels website again though as there was only one person at CS that actually knew how to treat customers right. Also mine came in the same packaging as yours bloomy definitely not acceptable and another reason I wouldn't order from them again.
  6. My Proenza Schouler (original pre-sale price £1400) arrived from Selfridges in a plastic bag, with no protective packaging around it. I was pretty shocked and just relieved that it hadn't been squashed/dented/ripped in transit. NPN always uses a box, with plenty of bubble wrap, even for the most humble preloved bag. Perhaps it's a sign of the times, where these stores are concerned. I had to return a gorgeous grainy black Bayswater to a couple of years ago because they'd squashed it into a tiny box and ruined both the handles and the bag itself, where the padlock had gouged into the leather ...
  7. The most important is that you are happy with your purchase, which seems to be the case now :smile:
    I hope you will keep this bag for years and enjoy using it!
  8. By the way, you PS bag is something.. Really beautiful, you were very lucky to get it for such a good price!
  9. I was quite lucky and the bag was well packed and bubble wrapped inside but I was a bit shocked by the packaging.

    Fortunately, nothing was damaged or squashed - but I really would have expected something more protective...
  10. Thank you, Gringach; she's a bit "out there" for my usual tastes, but she'll look stunning against black (I think she might dazzle motorists if I carry her in the summer!)

    The PS was inside her dust bag but there was no padding of any description. She could very easily have been dented or damaged - I was lucky. Shian, at NPN, does a fab job with her packaging - beautifully wrapped in tissue, with gift wrap and ribbons, and usually a little chocolate bar tucked in, too! I love that she recycles old crisp boxes etc to send the bags - I appreciate that stores wouldn't regard such touches as cost or time effective, but I did expect a smidgen of packaging around a bag valued at over £1,000 ... 😒
  11. Oh no. I have to agree though, the lack or regard they have in terms of the handling of goods that a lot of people work god damn bloody hard to buy is unacceptable.
  12. Thankyou, too much other rubbish is going on in my life to let some snotty CS girl and a crappy company bring me down! I hope I do too :smile:
  13. thats the spirit!! 😀😀
  14. Thanks for the update. So glad that you're happy with your decision. Enjoy this new addition to your collection! 😀

  15. Good choice!
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