Chocolate Bayswater Discontinued?

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  1. Thanks Skater. I'm really pleased with this bays - such a good price and perfect handle drop. Hope things work out okay for fashionlover and that those that managed to bag one (pardon the pun) have bags in perfect condition too! 😀
  2. Absolutely gutted
  3. Unfortunately no luck for me. No replacement availble. Customer service was awful. Claimed they never got my first email but did get the second one. (both in my sent file so don't understand that.) I asked about discount she said I need clearer images. Resent my original email with all the images and have to wait for a reply via that. Not impressed :sad:
  4. sorry to hear that, fashionlover! :tdown: - I'll never understand how CS can be so bad. Shouldn't they know that bad experiences with them spread so much faster than good one?

    I'm really excited to receive my chocolate Bays and hope that it's in good condition...
  5. So sorry to hear that fashionlover. Can only hope for a good reduction from CS now! Fingers crossed! :hugs:
  6. Welcome Blooomy! Let us know when your chunk of chocolate arrives ! :smile:
  7. Thanks, Mulbs! Defintely will show it - so pls. keep your fingers crossed!!!
  8. Mine are crossed for you and me 🙈👍
  9. same here! :tup:
  10. Mine is here!! I have been over it with a fine tooth comb, all looks good, made in England but my handle drop is more 16cm and I have the new dust bag, grey with gold mulberry lettering on. Not sent in a box though - shocking if you ask me. But, I've got my bag, she's safe and I'm very happy with it, the grain nice too. 😀😀😀

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  11. congrats, baggymama!! Are the newer ones with golden hardware?

    have a look here - so hurry up!
  12. Hi blooomy, no it is brass like the choc ones on but it's a different kind of brass to older bays I think.
  13. have a look here - so hurry up![/QUOTE]

    They told me there were none left to send a replacement :sad: and they still haven't replied 😠
  14. They told me there were none left to send a replacement :sad: and they still haven't replied 😠[/QUOTE]

    I haven't heard great things about flannels CS. Wondering if the one Rose got is better than the one you have? Rose do you still have the second one to send pics of?
  15. Thanks for the tip off! It seems they have one back in stock. Not sure whether to risk it incase it's a return or doesn't have the longer drop!
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