Chocolate Bayswater Discontinued?

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  1. Elvis what a bad influence! 😊Even though it doesn't work for me as an everyday bag, I can't get the Bayswater out of my head! Have been looking for a good quality one on eBay for a while now but for a little extra money...... A brand new chunk of chocolate???? 😍😍😍😍😍
  2. I reckon once Bridget Jones baby comes out they'll be very popular. £570 you could always sell it on. Probably make a profit too. Not wanting to sound mercinary, just practical.
  3. #33 Jan 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2016
    Oh you girls are so naughty! 😊 I've almost gone for and bought it a couple of times today!!
  4. Saw a gorgeous choc tote on the finite home, looked new, must have been a sale purchase, looked amazing so grab em whilst you can
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    My second bag just arrived, the leather looks completely different to the first one, sort of a bigger grain in parts if that makes sense and a rougher and wrinkled surface . It already looks a bit worn and slightly faded on the edges so I will keep the original one which was pretty perfect and the leather feels much more luxurious. I didn't realise there was so much variation in the bags. Just have to package it back up to return now and I can get the other one wrapped up nicely :yahoo:
  6. Thanks for the tip baggymama, as you'll see from my post above the second bag was not really up to standard so it will be going back and the first one will be staying :biggrin:
  7. No sign of mine yet, so glad you kept the good one. Hope mine will be ok 😬
  8. I bought one and it arrived today. Lovely grain. I love it! I think these are older stock bayswaters though as mine came with a burgundy (rather than the newer grey) dust bag and it has the original brass postman's lock not the shinier one that is on the newer NVT bags.
  9. I agree mine has the old hardward. HOWEVER . . . Absolutely gutted. This is what I have received OH AND THERE WAS A PEN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG!

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  10. Shocking! Must have been a return. It has lots of scratches and inside looks a little discoloured (unless that's just how it looks in the photo)!!! :nogood:
  11. Are you going to return, order again or try for a discount?
  12. I thought the same straight away that's what made me inspect it so much. Have to wait until Monday to talk to customer services :sad:
  13. I'm not sure I have emailed customer services but they only work Monday to Friday 9 to 5. I would like a replacement in quality condition but I'm not paying for postage or to post this one back so I hope they have one and can send me a label or something. I just hope by Monday there is one left in stock :sad:

    If there is none left I don't know what to do. OH thinks I should return it. I think I may be cheeky and ask for 20% discount on the price I payed. I mean that would make it £456 or something but effectively this bag is second hand and I wouldn't pay more than that for pre loved with damage.

    Urgh :sad: hate bad customer service. Someone clearly didn't check a return before adding back to the stock pile as it came with two sets of labels and care cards as well. In fact three of the labels have the same code and one has a different one. I've also found another mark inside and it came with no plastic on the hardware.

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  14. It gets better there is a staple in the dust bag 😠
  15. If you can get the discount and can live with the scratches then keep it. I think some of them will polish out or at least look better but wait till they get back to you.
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