Chocolate Bayswater Discontinued?

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  1. Apparently Mulberry think the mention of "blood" is something that has raised customer concerns as they seem to think it may be used in the dying process.... yes i know, i was like ... "Seriously??? Anyway the SA and Store Mananger at my local concession said they thought the colour was staying the same.

    Thing is im sure you remember the colour change from conker to oxblood... maybe this is just a yearly migration of the name.... DOH!!;):lol:
  2. Guess "oxblood" was 2012 autumn/winter runway term.
    Though, believe has described color name since near 1700.
    As you say, updating.

    Though, worried about blood in dye?
    Sounds similar to, "Suede lining transfers color & weighs more, so we protected customers by axing it."

    From where are they pooling *typical* customer base?
    Most of us don't require such careful shielding from natural products & scary words.
    We cope without excessive rattling of chains or wrinkling our straight jackets. :biggrin:
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