Chocolate bags

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  1. Which bags come in the chocolate color??

    I really am falling in love with the Medium Carly....but it is over $300 and I was TRYING to behave and get a bag in the $200s.

    What are some other options for medium sized bags in that color? Anyone have one they like?

    When I look tomorrow in person, I may end up being naughty and getting the Carly anyway LOL. But right now I will look for suggestions.
  2. [​IMG]

    Well, the ergo small hobo is about all I can find on that is under $200. I say be naughty and buy the Carly! :graucho:

    And for me, I like the Bleeker large flap in chocolate. But it's nearly $400! Really naughty! Lastly, the Ali slim flap in chocolate signature is gorgeous! But again, naughty! I love naughtiness!

  3. I think I need this bag! :drool::drool:
  4. My mom just got that bag- its soooo pretty!
  5. How about this bag? It's a little over your budget....but soooooo pretty! If I get to get another bag soon, this one will probably be it (or an Ergo tote:graucho:). Anyway, here's another option, it's $268:
  6. That is okay, but I don't like it nearly as much as the Carly.

    My mom just actually encouraged me to get the Carly lol. I probably will, it's only really $50 bucks over what I had in mind and I'll be much happier. It's not that I can't afford it, I was just trying to be good b/c I bought a Michael Kors bag last month, but the MK bag was on clearance for 130$!!! So that should be a freeibe right? :p

    I just need to try it on in the store tomorrow, I have never put a Carly on my shoulder. I hope they have the color in stock!!
  7. I just got the chocolate signature slim flap ali and she is GORGEOUS, but if you are in LOVE w/ the medium Carly, I say GO FOR IT b/c you will always think about it if you try to substitute it w/ a different bag! Good luck and happy shopping tomorrow!!!
  8. I actually looked at that last time I was at the mall and thought it was totally cute! And it was in my "behavior" price range...but then I had to surf the website and notice the Carly lol.

  9. Hmm..... you sound like me. It sounds like all you really want is a Carly right now. It is a pricey bag, but will you be happy w/ anything else? I wasn't when I got the medium Carly when what I really wanted was the Large, then I ended up getting both and spending more money:push:. I dunno....don't mean to sound like an enabler.......but maybe you should, I dunno, get what you like, and be EXTRA extra good for the next few months? Sorry, hope this helps a little. I will keep an eye out for more pretty Chocolate bags.;)
  10. Hehe thanks.:smile:

    My mom actually had this advice "Get what you want're 23 and single with a pretty good full time day you'll have kids and then you won't be able to splurge" LOL.

    I'll probably end up with it as long as a) i like the way it looks on me an b) they have the color in stock. I will definately keep you ladies posted.

    I am glad I found this forum, none of my closest friends love bags the way I do. One buys a lot of fakes :sad: and the other just doesn't like bags that much.