Chocolate Anyone?

  1. Today my three year old told me he "got rid" of the yucky chocolate valentine candy. We were driving in the car so I immediately decided he had spit it on the floor of the car. But oh no he tossed it in my purse which was sitting in the back between the two car seats. And I thought that would keep it cleaner than on the front floor where my daughter sticks her feet. I guess chocolate and three year olds are not a good mix. Anyone else have something unusual tossed in their purse?
  2. I once found my roommates used underwear in my bag after she borrowed it for a night out...luckily the bag was inexpensive and not one of my favorites :wtf:
  3. No, my purses and I have been lucky so far... but did you see the movie "The Snapper"? It's very funny, set in Ireland; there is this young prgenant woman who is in a disco and she has to throw up and she opens her purse and vomits into it and then closes it again and forgets about it and later opens the purse to search for's hilarious...
    Regina :lol:
  4. a coworker of mine accidentally knocked over my diet coke RIGHT into a coach bag, upside down. that cleanup was a nightmare :nogood:
  5. I dropped a piece of drawing charcoal into one once, but didn't realize it. Eventually, EVERYTHING inside turned black. Good thing it was just a cheap tote, but still...
  6. :wtf:

  7. I found cracker crumbs inside of my Longchamp tote. I didn't have anything crumb-y in my bag OR in anything that I ate. I never put food in my bags. It was weird.
  8. I'm a nanny, and since the youngest one is now fully potty trained I no longer have to carry a diaper bag. Unfortunately this does not mean I havent gone to pay for things and found diapers in my purse. Once at a really hip restaurant I was trying to pay and was literally falling down drunk, then I pull out a diaper. I looked like a young unwed mother neglecting her child!

    The worst had to be the time that the youngest had a wet diaper in the car. I had to change him because it was really full and put it in one of those disposal bags. I THOUGHT I had thrown it out when we got home, but he put it in my purse. I discovered it that night at a party. I reach in for keys, come out with a dirty diaper bag.

    Needless to say I am VERY happy we no longer need diapers!

  9. LMFAO! Who puts undies in their handbag!? Not me!:roflmfao:

    Did you end up using he bag again, or did you toss it?:confused1:
  10. I found myself not using it anymore so I just gave it to her. She still doesn't know why I gave it to her though :p No point telling that I never let her borrow my bags anymore, is there? :rolleyes:
  11. That's so gross! Was she even embarrassed about it?

    At my bridal shower I had my leather bag hanging off the back of my chair and somehow it got a massive splat of buttercream frosting from the cake on it. I think the waiter somehow got some on her apron when she was cutting it, and when she walked behind me it ended up on the bag. Luckily it came right off.