Chocolate anyone?

  1. I was on the COACH website (again) and I think they will be offering the signature stripe large tote, sig stripe accordion zip around wallet, and the wristlet in the brown on brown for the fall. I l:heart::heart::heart: the accordion zip wallet, so I hope they do!
  2. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I THINK that's the brown/bronze that'll pop up same time as the black/silver.
  3. I think that brown/bronze is just gorgeous! I wish it had the legacy lining; it'd be perfect then! Still a great choice, though, and the metallic looks very pretty.
  4. i think that they are coming out at the same time. that is a gorgeous combination..hmmm...
  5. when are these coming out?
  6. Does anyone know if these will have the legacy lining like the current ones?
  7. The Brown/bronze is VERY PRETTY! Perfect for the fall!
  8. they are bringing the black/silver (gunmetal/pewter/whatever) combo back?


    now I need to get one!
  9. Hmmm I don't think I like that. Maybe with a Mahogany stripe..
  10. I saw that last week and both the bronze and the silver or gunmetal are pretty but I prefer the bronze. I assume they will be available soon. I really did like the bronze!