chocolate and black?

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  1. well, after having my name cancelled (twice!) on NM for a whiskey, I managed to get a chocolate edith ordered. I wear lots of black- with a chocolate edith look ok with black?

    Any other chocolate fans out there? holla back! :lol:

    oh, and does anyone want to place bets that I'll get this order cancelled, too? NM must hate me!
  2. Ron Herman is taking orders for the July/August shipment of Ediths in whiskey and grey. I FINALLY saw the chocolate and it looks great! I think it will be nice with black, or jeans.
    Chocolate Edith.jpg
  3. I think the chocolate looks great!
  4. of course! =)
  5. ^^The only thing that upset me was that if you order one it's a "FINAL SALE" - so if you find an Edith somewhere else (or your name comes up on a waiting list before RH gets their shipment in) then you still HAVE to purchase the Edith from them, you can't cancel the order.

    I don't want to get stuck with TWO edith's (as much as i'm dying for one)

    On topic though - I love the chocolate and think it would look very smart with black.
  6. Yes, but you definitely get one. Well, maybe. I am still waiting for mine to arrive.
  7. ^^True. I don't know what I should do now...

    I'm #4 on a NM waiting list (that's my highest position - i'm on a ton of other waiting lists, but further down I think). Should I order one with RH or take the chance that i'll be getting one from NM?
  8. I think if you are number four on the NM wait list, give it a few weeks and see if NM gets the bags. Ron Herman is sold out on the preorder (you have to pay WHEN you order, then they ship the bags when they come in) for March/April, so you will probably still have time to get on the preorder list for July/August (or someone here may get one and not want it). Or you could check with RH periodically to see how full their list is, and hold off until the last minute in the hopes that NM will get them first.
  9. i think the chocolate will look awesome!!!
  10. I can't believe that girl in the pic is carrying it on her shoulders. It looks like it just fit and doesn't look like it would stay there comfortably without her holding onto it while walking and so on. Would prefer if the handles were Paddy length. I guess that in part is why the Edith has not grown on me (not yet anyway).

    Having said that, I think the Choco Edith is the nicest of all the other colours but of course, haven't seen any IRL, heh.
  11. Chocolate for that bag :biggrin:
  12. Chocolate please.
  13. The bag looks great in chocolate,though the whiskey is my favourtie colour for the Edith.

    I have a mulberry Roxy in chocolate and I tend not to wear it with all feels funny.

    But when I wear blacks and greys together,I quite like the chocolate bag with it....weird that way.
  14. I preordered the Coco (i'm assuming it's the same thing) at NM. I'm on a ton of waiting lists for the "Whiskey" - but now i'm not so sure. I really hope that the bag I ordered is the same one in the photo.

    At the very least it would match my chocolate lab! :smile:
  15. Me too! I just preorderd this morning. I received a confirmation from NM that the order was placed, but the shipping date is still unavailable. I hope it looks like the photo too because that photo is TDF. :love: :love: :love:

    If NM didn't have such a fabulous return policy I would not have preordered. I would much rather return to a faceless online site than take away some poor s/a's commission! I'm really not sure I'll be keeping this one but NEED to see it.