Chocolate and a Cheating Man?

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  1. OK guys my girlfriend just told me this story, humor me :P

    Brief Background-My GF has a BF who is minor pro-athlete, been together for 3 years, I've observed him to be a a nice and respectful BF but don't know him too well.

    The Story! She told me that last night when her and her BF were getting *cozy* :shame: she SWEARS WITHOUT A DOUBT that she tasted chocolate on his chest and stomach. So she says to him WTH do you taste like chocolate and he says "What? it must be from making dinner" Mind you there was no chocolate involved in dinner. My GF dropped the subject but is tormented! My DH thinks he's up to something and I think his response is sort of incriminating, but I'm a suspicious person. What do you guys think?
  2. :lol:

    :shame: Sorry, but...:lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. It's slightly suspicious, but she should have more concerete proof before confronting him about potential cheating behavoir. The burden of proof lies upon her.

    That being said, she should do a little snooping. :-P
  4. Guilty until proven innocent!
  5. :lol:
  6. Wow....busted. First of all, ewwww. If your friend tasted chocolate, that means he didn't even shower after the first taste testing. Ewwww. That alone would be enough for me to want to injure him. Second, you and your DH are right. It sounds like he's up to something AND his answer was sooooo incriminating, he may as well have fessed up to the whole chocolate experience. I wouldn't drop the subject. I'd get to the bottom of that mess, dump him and move on.
  7. Maybe he was trying to tempt her? LOL. I felt weird reading that cause I have no idea what to think of it!
  8. P.S. I wonder what would guys think if we asked them this happened? Know what I mean? Kinda like if I guy is reading this, what do they think it means?
  9. Honey it is weird so it's OK!!!
  10. :blink:

    That's really really weird.

    The only things I can think of are:

    a) He cheated on her and is very adventurous with the other girl...
    b) Your friend was mistaken
    c) He used some sort of cologne/soap/powder/other bath product that caused him to taste like chocolate.

    That probably wasn't of much help, but it's really puzzling:blink:
  11. Is it possible, that when he was shopping for the chocolate at the grocery store, he tripped and fell on top of the candy shelf, & all the chocolate fell on top his chest & melted????
  12. It would be, but I think only in the event that I set my bag collection on fire hee hee!
  13. No, Pradasmeadow! was an Easter Bunny chocolate display that fell on him when he bumped into it with his cart and he was knocked unconscious for about an hour, so the chocolate melted while a female paramedic try to revive him! Please get the story straight..:biggrin: !
  14. LMAO :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I agree with Dani, she should do some sleuthing :amuse:
  15. lol u ladies are hilarious.......i'm with printsmodel on this one.......suspicious :hrmm: