Chocolate 2002 vs. Chocolate 2005

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  1. I'm going to be the happy owner of a hobo in chocolate from 2002 :yahoo:, BUT she has no tassels :cry:, it has been cut.
    I saw tassels on Bonanzle from chocolate 2005, so I got the idea that they might do - but have not seen any of the colours IRL.
    So I'm hoping for someone of you lovely ladies might know ;) - will the do ??.

  2. I've had both 02 and 05 chocolate and 02 is a really rich deep brown - think the darkest, bitter chocolate.

    I think 07 Cafe might be a closer match than 05 choco :smile: Good luck with your search!

  3. OOOOps, sorry mods, for posting in the wrong thread. I wasn't allowed to post in the right one, have no idea why. But tanks :flowers:

    Thank you so much silverfern :flowers:, I'll look for that instead.
    So hard do determine colours by pictures on the net only.