Chocolate 05 or Cafe' 07?

  1. For those of you that have seen both colors in person. Which is better? Is Cafe darker than Chocolate? And how about the the leather better on the Chocolate or are they comparable? Thanks!
  2. ^^ i've had both & i vote for cafe :tender:

    p.s. i love all of the cool brown undertones :heart:
    p.p.s. can't see 'em in this camera phone photo
  3. From what I've seen in pictures, I would DEFINITELY pick Café over Chocolate :yes: I think Chocolate looks too... idk. Café looks scrumptious :love:
  4. I LOVE Cafe, especially in styles like the Day or Work. YUM!
  5. Cafe! It's a beautiful color! :yes:
  6. Cafe is lovely! :smile: