Chocolate 01 or 02?

  1. So now that I've discovered flat brass, I'm dying to see pics of other colors. Anyone have the olive or chocolate?
  2. Where is seahorse? i only know her that she has the coffee/chocolate flat brass first 02.....hopefully she can post a pic for ur viewing.....:smile:
  3. Chocolate (on left):

    Olive (on right):

    It depends a bit on the leather, but they are dark colors. Here's olive on top of black:
  4. Here's a 2nd season '02 Chocolate First, little miss Choco:

  5. ........WOW....I would do anythinggggg for a Flat brass first in god how do people even find those?!?!
  6. I have 02 Black Flat Brass First, and I bought it when it came out in 02. It was such a hot ticket back then....Barneys having a mile long wait list, and since Barneys was the only place you could get Balenciaga at that time(BalNY opened in 03), I got mine from BalParis.

    Keep an eye on eBay, 01/02 FB bags pop up every now and then....usually for a lot more above retail:push: