Choco story...

  1. There I was sitting at my desk typing at the computer with my 18month old on my lap. I had a bar of dark chocolate ( 70% funny taste for someone so young:rolleyes:)on my desk and gave him a little piece here and there.
    A couple of minutes later while I was busy typing ahead my little one had grabbed my choco paddy (one of the "closing" lids and with a huge smile was going to put it into his mouth.......NOOOOOO :wtf:.

    Just in time,:sweatdrop:. This little man really knows how to grab mommy's attention!

    Chloé really makes the best choco, truer than life!:p
  2. Your little guy has GREAT TASTE!!!:roflmfao:
  3. hey choco is sooo gorgeous, it would have probably even tasted better than chocolate :biggrin: ;)
  4. LOL!!!

    That is a great visual CatCat!
  5. Don't try you might get addicted!:p
  6. LOL! Your story is making me hungry! :lol:
  7. Too cute! :roflmfao:

    I'm paranoid about my kids touching my Chloe bags. :push:
  8. Love your story, your son already has developed a refined palate!