Choco shoulder strap paddington, Yay or Nay?

  1. I was cruising the Chloe aisle a week or so ago, (always a dangerous thing to do) and I saw the display of shoulder paddingtons. They caught my eye because I am always thinking that as much as I love my Chloe grenat bag, it is a little hard to maneuver on my shoulder.
    I asked to see the chocolate ones and I instantly bonded with one perfect leather paddington. The leather is perfect! Soft, squishy, pebbled much like the early paddingon bags. So of course it came home with me.

    So, after thinking about it for a week I still can't decide if I like the shoulder strap style or not. I started to bring it back but couldn't bring myself to do it!! The leather is too perfect. I thought I would ask other Chloe lovers what they thought of this particular style in the hopes of helping me make a decision.

    As for photos, Aloha Rag has the same bag on their website but I am attaching a photo of mine to give a hint of the incredible leather.

    All opinions are appreciated.
  2. I love the leather on that bag! :love: It looks beautiful! If you already have a paddy this is a nice choice!! I would keep it. :heart:
  3. .....This one is lovely option for busy days when you need your both hands free, so I'm agreeing with audrey :smile:
  4. I feel your dilema!! I had the Chocolat Ascot Hobo in my spareroom for a month before I ultimately returned it. It was a fun, lite bag, and I couldn't decide if I thought the single strap worked or not. I thought it might work for really casual purposes, but not for dress occassions. So back it went.

    However! If it had been your bag with the cute outter pocket and padlock, I might still have it!! :graucho:
  5. Love it! Keep it!
  6. Keep it! That bag is sooo pretty.
  7. Wait...I'm retracting my previous answer...

    This is not the bag you're looking must send her to me!:P
  8. i saw this bag yesterday (same style and color) and have been obsessed every since...i love it! but why are you hesitating? i mean, what is it you're unsure about?
  9. Hey nycmom, I love the leather but it is a departure from the usual paddy style and it is a little more casual than I usually wear. I am going to see if I can trade it in for a chocolate paddington but if the traditional paddy's don't have the same quality leather I will definitely get off the fence and be happy with what I have. (for a while at least until I see the next beautiful Chloe bag)
  10. hmmm. I would keep it definitely keep it. I think there is nothing wrong with having multiple paddy styles as long as it works 4 U. in fact, I think this color is perfect 4 this style and u already love the leather, so why not... this could be an everyday bag. I seen this in real life and they are beautiful... and it can be worn messenger style which is a plus.....
  11. Aesthetically, I like the bag! The leather is gorgeous. Aside from the fact that it has a paddington lock it's totally different in shape and size of the satchel paddington. It is more casual though, like for daytime wear. I think it might be too casual for evening wear.

    Functionally, I would return it. For me personally, these bags are too much money not to serve dual daytime and evening functions. I try not to buy bags that limit me as to when or where I could use them. Cus what happens is that I really only get limited mileage out of them!

    Then again, if money is no object the functionality part of the bag goes out the window! :lol:
  12. Nay for me.
  13. The leather is great but personally, I'm not a fan of the shoulder strap
  14. I tried on this style in Nordstroms - before I finally broke down and ordered my charcoal Paddy from Chloe. The shoulder bag is easy to carry (maybe easier than the original) but it was just too much bag for me - I'm 5'3", definitely not tiny/thin like some of the young gals on this board - but it was too much hanging on me. Don't get me wrong - I have an Edith, which is BIG, but hand-held, which makes a difference. I have no trouble putting the Paddy on my shoulder - even if sometimes one handle falls down - but I like a shoulder bag that tucks close in under my arm and against the body.

    Don't know how tall you are...but just some food for thought! :rolleyes: