Choco Shopper Arrived...Had it with Chloe

  1. My chocolate shopper tote arrived yesterday, and I am a little irritated. I was able to exchange my blanc pocket for this bag and pay the difference when I noticed that the stitching on one of the back seams of the blanc pocket seemed a bit "off" took me three weeks to even see it, but along one back seam the stitching moved toward the piping and was not parallel. So they sent out the shopper and I haven't really gone over it with a fine tooth comb YET, but I notice that the front pocket seams are also off. The stitching on the left moves away from the grommet, while the stitching on the right moves toward the grommet, and notice how the right grommet is placed exactly in the corner while the left grommet is "set in" from the edge of the pocket.

    Call me crazy, but shouldn't I be able to have a bag with CORRECT seam lines on a $2000 bag??? I have now spent almost $100 in shipping and return shipping on these bags, and I have to return yet another one. That makes three defective Chloe bags for me thus far! If you consider the stitching a defect, and for the price I am thinking yes. Chloe NY has nothing in stock that I want to exchange for, so I am feeling a bit aggravated with their policies right now. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

    EDIT: Also the leather piece that loops through the gold hardware and connects to the shoulder strap on the right side is a different color than the rest of the leather on the bag. Is this part of the "charm" of the bag (because it's not like that on the other three sections), or is this just sloppiness on Chloe's part?
    ChocoShopper.jpg ChocoShopper2.jpg
  2. OK-The leather piece looks really OFF!I would get on the phone and YELL! They should pay the shipping too..insist on it!
  3. ET, this is horrible. i don't see why you should settle for anything less when so much is spent on the bag. if they have nothing for you in stock right now at the boutique for an exchange, they should make an exception for you on this. pls keep us updated
  4. OMG. ET! I"m so sorry. I totally agree that you should try to get them to make an exception and get a refund or give you another bag with them paying the shipping!!! I am beginning to become turned off by chloe too.
  5. I called Chloe, and my SA says that none of the bags are perfect, that it's part of the "distressed" and "casual" look of the bag. So I told her that none of the other bags I have seen look like this, and she says I can call back and speak to the manager this afternoon, but all she can do is give me store credit or exchange the bag. And of course they don't HAVE anything I want to exchange for, nor will they be getting anything. Great. NO MORE BOUTIQUES FOR ME.
  6. Ugh! It is sooo frustrating to have such experiences with boutiques...I too have had experiences where I wish, wish, wish I would have had the patience to wait for an item to arrive at NM or Nordstrom...
  7. Why can't I see what you are describing in your post? Can you put arrows where the "defects" are? I see a beautiful bag on my screen! :biggrin:
  8. absolutely speak to the manager, for the price of a chloe it should be the way you want it and if they're all "slightly different" it should be slightly different in the way you want it.

    you might try calling their showroom in NYC, i once called there thinking it was the store and they were very nice, maybe they can point you to whomever regulates the boutique and give you your $ back
  9. Oh, I think I see what you mean about the leather piece. It looks like that piece of leather has more of the burgandy undertone than the rest of the leather - not a defect but a variation. Both my chocolate satchel and bowler have color variations like that and I never even gave it a second thought. One side of my chocolate satchel is very burgandy, the other more chocolate brown. I noticed it, but it didn't make me want to search for a new bag; the lack of uniformity contributes to the authenticity.

    The stitching thing - I still don't see it!
  10. I am so sorry that you're having such a hard time with your bag and the store. I looked at my baby paddington and it has similar leather variations also. One of the end sections is very different. I can live with that, but I could not live with stiching irregularities.
    Since I'm a perfectionist on bags over $1000.00, I'm not comfortable with the Chloe Boutique's return policy.
    Go to the top and complain. Maybe mastercard can help also.
    I love the chloe designs and leather. The other brands I've seen at this same price point aren't constructed any better. I think the higher end bags have suckered us into accepting lesser quality than we'd like and expect.
  11. Roey, here are some pics with the "defects" circled. Sort of. LOL! Am I making too much of it?

    I called the Chloe boutique in California to see what they have, and I CAN use a store credit in their store, as well, and they have a box Paddy coming in the fall AND a grey Paddy satchel with silver hardware. I got on the list for the grey. Neither store has anything in mousse, and neither is getting any blue/turquoise Ediths.
    Annotatedshopper1.jpg Annotatedshopper2.jpg
  12. Oh ET I'm so bummed. Yeah, distressing is one thing, but for that money I would want it stitching to be correct too. How do you feel about the shopper in general? Would you want it if it were perfect?

    But yeah, I've noticed when Chloe's come in my door I am soooo skeptical I'm prepared to get POed at every little detail that isn't absolutely perfect and perhaps I make too much of it (example, Chucky's perfect replacement). Then I get over it and fall in love.....
  13. I really love the leather and the color is perfect. I am not sure how much use I could get out of the bag, because it is too large to carry as an everyday bag for me, and I don't travel very often. Maybe as a school bag? It's pretty expensive for a school bag, and given the issues I am having, what if it didn't hold up to the weight of books or a laptop?
  14. I was a perfectionist about everything UNTIL I fell in love with Chloe Paddys. It was almost an emancipation for me. I look for the overall look, feel, slouch and distressing of the leather. I just looked at my whiskey paddy on my counter, and the stitching isn't evenly spaced from the piping, but I never noticed this before and it still doesn't detract from my love for my bag!

    Your tote looks drop dead gorgeous to me! The pebbling and slouchliness is killer! If you love everything else and it bothers you, you could apply some dark brown cream polish to that one spot to even it out. As far as the front pocket, look at the Edith bags. The front pockets are quite crooked, and more obvious with the smoother leather.
  15. Hmmm, when I look closer at the trouble areas I think I could get past them (although the color difference would bug me more than the stitching), but the more important factor is whether this size of bag is going to work for you in the long run, especially since you were originally wanting to drift towards lighter bags if I recall? I agree the starting weight plus packed up weight must be pretty hard to manage.

    Are you into Chloe clothes to use your credit on instead? Or, since the choco shopper isn't avail online anywhere you might have an easier time selling it than the blanc pocket? - just a thought.