choco pocket medium! pics please!

  1. does anyone actually have the chocolate pocket paddy that they can post pics of?

    i think the color is so pretty - im thinking about getting either the pocket in a chocolate or a regular satchel...

    any pics would help!!! thanks :love:
  2. Sorry... I have the satchel in choco. I have the 1-pocket small/medium in black and I love them both. So if you put the style (1-pocket) and color (choco) together I bet it would be very pretty.
  3. Small Pocket Paddy side.jpg Small Pocket Paddy model.jpg
  4. thanks ET!! i was hoping i could see it on someone :biggrin:!

    Goldensx5 - do you think the choco can be used year round despite being so dark? and does the leather feel as soft as the others? cuz its dark color makes it seem harder...thanks!!!
  5. Welcome! I have been waiting to see a "real" pic of the chocolate, as well as the mousse pocket. I have almost bought the choco a number of times, but I am somehow holding myself back (for once!). Roz on eBay has a choco BIG pocket if you want to take a look at that one. I am sure if you got one (and LVR has it available right would save $$$) and did not like it, someone here (LIKE ME!!!) would take it off your hands!:biggrin:
  6. I have the '05 choco satchel. It is very soft and squishy (it is actually my favorite of all my Paddy's - I have rouge, whiskey, blanc, choco & black). I plan to use the brown all the way through the summer (I like dark browns). Now mine has a slight reddish tinge to it too so it is not dark chocolate. It is a very warm rich brown. I do not know about the '06 choco's leather I've heard some say it isn't as nice as '05 and others are happy with it. My '06 whiskey satchel and '06 black pocket have very nice soft, squishy leather too with the rigth amount of pebbliness but the choco is still the softest. That also could be because I use the choco the most! I'm sure they'll all soften up with use. If you like browns you should try this Chloe bag. It is really pretty. :biggrin:
  7. ET - what's holding you back??
  8. Well...I don't know exactly. But it must be partly due to the blanc pocket that I already have, the new ink City b-bag, the whiskey Edith, and now a chamois Edith! LOL!:lol: But I still browse LVR on a daily basis. It would be a toss-up between the choco and the mousse.
  9. Jacquelenez.. I took pics of the black 1-pocket and the choco satchel. The flash definitely makes the choco look much lighter than it is but you can get an idea. Hope it helps you.
    choc black paddy rs1.jpg choc black paddy rs2.jpg choc black paddy rs3.jpg
  10. Goldensx5 - thanks so much for doing that for me!!! so sweet of you :biggrin:!

    the black pocket is cute!!!
  11. Goldensx5, Thanks for posting pics of the satchel and pocket side-by-side. It is a great reference point!
  12. No problem. I appreciate others pics as they help me in choosing bags so if I am glad when I can do that for someone else...

    SoCal,, your pics of your black pocket were the ones that got me on the phone dialing to find one for myself. I 'loved' it! This forum is dangerous on the pocket!
  13. I have the 06 choco satchel and the leather is really soft. It's definitely a year round color. I love mine! I think the medium pocket would look gorgeous in the choco... I fell in love with SoCal's black pocket too!
  14. tod - i believe the choco is gorgeous too but ive heard others saying that its too dark...

    i am probably just going to order it and see what happens when it arrives.

    do the 05 and 06 choco differ?
  15. Goldens, how could you do this to me??? Your chocolate is gorgeous, with the red undertones! Now I want the pocket in choco, too! You must stop me!!! And it is really amazing to see those two bags side by side. I didn't realize how much bigger the pocket was than the satchel...there really is quite a difference. You might want to post a "comparison" thread. I could add my pic of the pocket and the big pocket to it!