Choco phoebe has arrive........

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  1. snow+phoebe 0062.jpg

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  2. Wow, wow, WOW!!!!!

    Oh, Jo, she's beautiful! Thanks for the step-by-step opening pics - you must have been dying to rip it open!

    So, do you love her or what?!
  3. Well i was going to try to do a slow painful reveal but it seemed to just post all my images together in one hit!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!! I'm v happy but sods law is that Dh is working from home today so no modelling pics and i've been ordered to wrap it all up again until my birthday!!!! I can't wait until JUNE!!!!!
    It's in beautiful condition and has a lovely glossy patina!
  4. Stunning!! Fab colour and a great classic bag..I'm a little envious :love:
  5. Oh no! Typical man. How are you going to wait until June?????? That is SO unfair.
  6. Gorgeous!
    (love the fabulous packaging too)
    How on earth are you going to be able to wait until June?
  7. Congrats! She is lovely!!:okay:
  8. ^^^Tell me about it. Hope he's at work tomorrow and I can have a little play!!!!
  9. Just had to say I think choco darwin is now my all time fave. I didn't realise how lush and glossy it goes with use!!! Must use my choco ivy bayswater more!!!!
  10. Jo, it's gorgeous :heart: Really, really stunning. It looks perfect - nicely broken in, but perfect condition.

    I love chocolate darwin, too :tup: It's so robust.

    Pack it away and don't look at it until June :lol: I know it will be hard but it will be so worthwhile. I did that with my Orange Mabel and I was so pleased I did. It was such a lovely treat to open it at Christmas :yes:
  11. Good Grief! :faint:
  12. Fabby! I love the way you were in such a rush to take a pic of it that there's all the stuffing & dustbag too - can just imagine your excitement!!
    Well done, it is such a you bag and I know how much you love your chocolate. June may seem a long way but with our bag ban, it might be nice to have a new bag to get out in a few months time. You'll enjoy it more than if you start using it now.
    And, don't forget, that's your 2009 bag done now!
  13. Beautiful bag and the wrapping makes it all the more special. What a joy to receive such a lovely package to undo. I'm so glad you have something to make up for the disappointment over "you know what" Jo! :smile:
  14. Gorgeous patina on your choc phoebe Jo , well done. Look forward to modelling pics
  15. GORGEOUS :woohoo:

    Many congrats Jo.