Choco Glossy Hug Me Baby Has Reached the Frozen Plains!

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
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    My poor choco glossy bag arrived today and my naughty mail man (not my regular guy) just stuck the box next to my front door without even ringing the door bell!! The poor baby was frozen stiff inside her box, shivering in her blanket of hot pink tissue paper!

    Fortunately for her it is warm and toasty in my house so she has warmed up nicely and is feeling much better! I should have offered her hot cocoa, huh?

    Anyway, the leather is outstanding! I am more pleased with this particular leather than I have been with any other leather of any other designer! It is not only soft but it seems very durable. I love the color too. It is lighter than I had anticipated at first but after seeing newer pictures I had a good idea of what to expect so I am very pleased. It's lighter in color than the matte chocolate so for those who love brown bags could do both of these leathers and have very different bags. So, leather and color are both a big thumbs up for me!

    The style I have to warm up to. I do like it but when I put it on my shoulder the outer strap falls. I can overlap the straps so they stay put but it feels awkward to me. I think the bag is too bulky though to be a true shoulder bag. Maybe longer handles would be the answer but too much longer would distort the look IMHO so I don't think I would have ordered longer handles if given the chance. For a satchel, it is beautiful! On the arm it looks stunning! I think I'm going to hang it up with some heavy books for a bit and allow the handles to 'relax' a little more too to see if that helps. But I imagine that I will carry this one mostly as a hand held rather than a shoulder bag. I don't see myself using the strap at all as I find it awkward because of the way you have to attach it to the bag.

    Oh and I should comment on the size. I purchased a medium and glad I did as this is the perfect size for me. It isn't too large so that I don't feel like I'm carrying a suitcase but not so small that I feel it is too 'young' for me. (Smaller bags for some reason don't feel age appropriate to me when used as a day bag.) I would compare the size of the medium to a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini, perhaps even a tad bit smaller because this style is rounded while the MAM is square.

    After playing with this bag and petting its leather it is very hard for me to now stay focused on my next selection which is supposed to be a Love Me Midi in aubergine! The TME midi in black glossy is now much more tempting since I have this bag sitting by my side! Pics to come! (Be warned, no natural light as we're in yet another fierce snow storm!)
  2. Congrats... Looking forward to your pix!
  3. Great news and love your detailed review. Going to bed soon as my sore throat is coming back (yet again). Look forward to seeing your pics tomorrow.
  4. Congrats!! Your bag sounds gorgeous, and I understand what you mean about thinking about the black pebbled glossy now! I have the black and have been thinking a lot about the chocolate!! I also have the medium black glossy hug me, and I agree it does not really go on teh shoulder unless you let a handle hang off. The bottom is a bit wide, and the handles are apart so pulling the handles together and putting on teh shoulder make the whole bag just smash into my armpit and I can't put my arm down at all!

    I can't wait to see your pics!!! The bag sounds divine!!!! I'm sure she is toasty warm by now and ready to pose!
  5. Here's some pics! The first 2 are with flash and last 2 are without. I've included my TME midi in matte chocolate too for a comparison of the colors.





    The pics w/o flash are closer to the true color.
  6. :woohoo:tl, the Choco glossy made it through the snowstorm! I'm so glad it's safely in your arms. The leather is so yummy, you'll be petting her for a while. I can't wait to get home and look at your pics better. I'm driving now, but so excited for you I had to say Congrats.
  7. Beautiiful!! The HM looks like the leather is thicker than that of the TME. Is that the case?

    Modeling pics??
  8. yay!! bag sister :tup:
    glad your bag made it safe and sound!! it's lovely!
  9. Ohhh... it's so pretty. I just got a chocolate matte Hug me in the small size today and have been playing around with it. One thing I did was "double" up the loop of the messenger strap so it makes a nice shoulder strap for when I don't want to carry it messenger style or hold it.

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'll work on getting modeling pics! It takes so long to take the picture, crop and resize, blah, blah, blah but I'll get some up sooner than later! LOL!

    The leather does feel thicker on the HM than the TME. It's silky to the touch and glossier too. The perfect leather would be a cross between the two; the darker, richer color of the matte chocolate combined with the silky texture of the chocolate glossy would be pure heaven!

    Clu, I think I'll do the same and try the strap as a shoulder strap. At least that's an option if I plan on carrying it long and my arm needs a break!
  11. how did you double it up, exactly? I think I'm too tired to imagine anything right
  12. tl, The leather color is delicious! Reminds me of RM's fantastic chocolate leather...absolutely gorgeous, congrats! I would also appreciate the pics of the doubled up strap a lot, as I am thinking about getting a Hug Me someday. :smile:
  13. oooh thanks for giving a size comparision to something I can relate to (the MAM). It's so hard to determine the size that would work best for me when everyone has differing opinions on sizes.

    Looking forward to modeling pics! ;)
  14. Gorgeous! That leather looks edible! ITA that the Hug Me is comparable to the RM MAM (at least my regular size Hug Me is). If your medium is comparable as well, then maybe I need a medium Hug Me too :smile:

  15. I loop the strap through one end of the hug me's short strap instead of clipping it there. After looping it through I bring it back to where the other end is and clip it there. I can post pictures tomorrow after I get off call