Choco Glossy Hug Me Anyone?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Well, I think by now everyone here knows my love relationship with my HM in both the medium and large size.

    SO: It shouldn't come as a surprise that I"m thinking of ordering a choco glossy medium HM. I"m very interested in this order especially if I can receive the group discount.

    I just wanted to know if there's interest. This would be for either the medium or large and you can choose the hardware, shoulder drop etc...

    Let me know!:smile:
  2. I might be interested, lovebags, in a large choco glossy Hug Me! I've been wearing my large black pebble glossy Hug Me constantly! i need to look more at the color, I think, though...
  3. I thought I might be interested but I think a TME would be more practical. If TME doesn't happen, I'll want to consider this! So, I am not on the list but consider me "monitoring the situation!"
  4. I AM interested in the choco glossy leather, and I know that jackie and rose think that the large Hug Me best showcases the beauty of this leather (better than any other BE style...)
  5. I couldn't possibly agree more with this statement!:smile:
  6. Thanks. Yes, please do keep me posted on your final choice! I have both the pebbled glossy TME and HM so if I can ever help you with any questions then please feel free to ask!
  7. I actually think I might want one in the small, but it seems I am wanting everything I lay my eyes on these days... Would that I had a money tree or endless closet space....

    Please don't count me in yet but i will certainly keep an eye on this bespoke
  8. Hi Ladies,

    Good news for this bespoke. I received an email last night from Contessa and she's joining us on this order.

    Please let me know again who wants a choco glossy HM in either the large, medium or small so I can add your name to my list.

  9. Put me down for one in medium Jen- Please! it's official ;)
  10. Official sounds great to me!:smile:
  11. Hi again Everyone,

    Just something I thought of now:

    This bespoke will probably need the required 8 for Jackie to produce it as a group order. I just asked her for a favor on the choco glossy TME to reduce the numbers and wouldn't feel right about asking again.

    SO: Unless I hear from Jackie that she's willing to do the same for this bespoke I"m going to assume we need the 8. Oh dear!

    Let's just keep this thread active. I'm in no hurry whatsoever. I've learned that it's worth the wait for a BE that I want!

  12. Lovebags, are you keeping this one milk chocolate, or will this possibly change to dark chocolate??