Choco Edith Accessorized

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  1. So I felt it was time to try to accessorize one of my bags and Edith volunteered. This is the only silk scarf I own and I have no scarf-tying skills whatsoever. Is there a right way to do this, or does Edith look better au-naturel?
    EdithScarfWeb2.jpg EdithScarfweb.jpg
  2. I think it looks fine! It's funny that now we accessorize our accessories!
  3. I think edith looks very cute with her scarf on!!!!
  4. For me, I usually tie a scarf on a bag that is monogrammed or just in one plain color without embellishments. I LOVE the Edith a lot (great bag by the way!) But I would just leave the bag as it is, because the entire bag is already a beauty! :love: Maybe it's just me, but I consider the front pocket an embellishment. :shame:
  5. that looks soo cute! i agree that the scarf looks fine on Edith =)
  6. I think she looks very cute! All dressed up with personality........ And I think you've erased all traces of a briefcase-vibe.:blink:
  7. cute! I would look great with purse charms too. choco is such a versatile colour, it would be able to handle a broad range of stuff.
  8. It looks cute but I think it takes away from the bag. I would let its natural beauty shine through...
  9. Thanks for the opinions! I also wrestled with the pocket being enough embellishment and the scarf being overkill. I'll try it out tomorrow then tie the scarf on my Silverado Tote (also chocolate).
  10. Yummmy! Chocolate! The scarf looks great, especially the color tones on it really bring out the richness of the chocolate! Beautiful!
  11. Roey, I haven't voted yet because I can't decide!
  12. I like accessorising bags! And I think the Edith looks lovely with a scarf on. Wrt tying.. instead of tying in a knot, try tying it like a luggage tag from the airport. Kwim? Ok, first you fold the scarf in half, put it around the handle, then put the part with the 2 ends thru the other end of the folded scarf, the loop part and pull until it's tightened around the bag handle. Hope I explained that right, lol!
  13. :Push: SS - I am BAD at following written instructions, LOL! I read what you wrote three times and still don't get it.:shame:
  14. Roey, look at the way the Paddy key is tied to the leather string thingy. Like that. :lol:
  15. Ah, Daisy sums it up in Roey speak - like a simpleton, LOL! I think I did it and it looks cleaner. And one side of the scarf is on the front and the other on the back and it doesn't interfere with the zipper since I leave the bag open. Edith is looking pretty darn hot now...