Choco Conteen & Choco Satchel on it's Way

  1. :yahoo:

    Just ordered both of the Tall Conteen Edith Satchel and the Regular Satchel in Chocolate from BG!!!! I want to compare the two to see if I'll keep any or one of them. I'm looking for a fall bag, so if I decide to keep one of these, I will be on a purse ban till 2008! The best part is I paid no taxes or shipping:graucho:

    I've gone head over heels for Chloe so I will need to calm this down b/f I get out of control and you ladies are not helping w/all of these sales!!!!!:sweatdrop:

    Also, I have never ever in my life paid more than $30 for a purse//whoa nelly!
  2. Congrats, both bags are great, you may decide to be on a serious ban and keep both.
  3. That's awesome! They are both great bags. I love the Chocolate! By the way, did you wind up keeping both argents?
  4. No, the baby went back :crybaby: because I needed something for everyday use. I did love the baby so a baby (in an another color) is on my list. However, if I decide to keep any of the bags I just ordered, I will be on a serious purse ban till 2008!:cursing:
  5. Congrats I love chloé choco. I have the med satchel in choco and it's a wonderful everyday bag!
  6. Yay, ssangit! Hope that one of the two Ediths work out for you :smile: I ordered and returned 3 Ediths (whiskey messenger, black messenger and ivory small satchel) from NM because the leather wasn't my style.

    Then a 4th Edith arrived from NM - a gorgeous and smushy and pebbly Rouge Medium Satchel - and I am really seriously falling in love with it! So keep that in mind - there are variations in the Edith leather.
  7. Congrats on the bags!!!
  8. Yeah, I could see you sending the baby back to get more use out of the classic size. I sent my baby back too and never got another one. But boy, do I want one bad. Everytime, I chose a new color on diabro, they sold out. Now they don't have any colors I like.