Choco Brown Bubble Quilt Flap, did it come in Jumbo and does anyone know the code?

  1. Hi
    I would be grateful if anyone can give the above details please
    Many thanks
  2. The bubble quilt with flap came in 3 different styles/sizes. There is a tiny classic flap, a more rounded (with long strap) and chubbier flap, and then a "medium" size flap (with a more normal length strap) with a drawstring effect. Here are the pix of the 2 I got:

  3. ^i returned the larger flap so can't give you the code but any NM should be able to locate the right one for you, as long as you differentiate between the two larger flaps to them.
  4. i think there is an even bigger flap...
  5. The largest of the puffy flaps with the sides that stick out (sorry, but you know which bag I mean) I believe is A35612 Y04590. It is $3,150, I'm pretty sure. I originally ordered this size from the trunk show, without having seen it, because I'm a big bag lover. I ended up with the wrong color due to some confusion, so I didn't get it. I also found the biggest size to be beautiful but a little bulky, just a little too much bubbling and quilting for me. I went with the smaller bag in the gorgeous brown. It may be a little bit harder to find the large ones. The only one I've seen so far is the dark beige one I didn't take.
  6. Thanks everyone.
    I really like the bottom one, the one that is the regular classic flap, I was hoping it get it in Jumbo as I do not yet have a jumbo size flap.
  7. ldldb,

    May I know why did you return the medium flap? Is it anything related to the bag per se or just because of your personal preference?


    So do you mean you've got the medium size or the small size flap? Can you post your modelling pics or the pic of your flap for reference? Thanks!!!

  8. What I posted before was a little confusing. Using the picture above as a reference, the small classic flap is at the bottom. It ONLY comes in one size, the size pictured, and I assume it was made in all the colors. I've seen it in chocolate brown and "white." So there is no jumbo in this style.

    The bag on top is also a flap, but a different style "flap." The one pictured is the smaller size. There is one that is quite a bit bigger in exactly the same style, which I referred to in my previous post.

    Of course, there is a bowler style, which is a great bag. It is larger than either of the bags in the photo above, yet smaller than the large version of the puffy flap.

    The other style I've seen is a small shoulder bag with a longer chain/strap. It is a relatively flat bag. This might be an alternative for someone who wants some features of the classic flap, but in a larger sized bag. When I am where my bags are, I will post some pics!
  9. I returned the medium flap out of personal preference, but the small flap is really tiny so I'm having second thoughts about the medium flap now. If I don't like the lady braid when it comes out I might revisit this medium flap!!

  10. Okay then, my confession is that I kept both the bags pictured above, in brown. I love the tiny one, but I also wanted something a little larger for more every day use. I am a large bag user, and the puffy flap is a smallish bag for me, but I love it. As a matter of personal preference, I did not love the largest puffy flap, though I had expected I would. It was just too bulky for me. I probably should have chosen one bag in brown and one in white, if I had any sense. But I didn't. I just find the brown so gorgeous.
  11. ^yes I think the choco is just perfect for this bubble quilt. I don't blame you for getting them both in brown. I thought about getting the med flap in dark beige just to mix it up a little, but every time I see the brown I just melt!
  12. ldldb, saw you modelling pic of the small brown flap in another thread, it's so gorgeous, I don't know exactly how much it can hold (slightly less than an EW?) ... but you wear the bag so well, if you can, should keep'll look great with white T and Jeans skirt..

    I think I saw the biggest flap in grey jersey...looks very delicious...I am hoping to see if someone can post a modelling pic one day..
  13. ^wow i'd like to see it in jersey as well (and grey...swoon...i love grey!). thanks iceEarl, but i can barely fit my small wallet, cell, and keycase in it. I am scared to put my blackberry in it as it would weigh down the purse a lot :sad:. just the leather is soooo delicious!