Choco Annie or Roxanne?

  1. Hi Mulberry Gals! I "need" to add something chocolate to my life. I'd like to hear your votes and pros/cons about the Annie and the Roxanne and hear any other suggestions. I currently have an Oak Bayswater; a black Rosemary; a black Antony. I am leaning towards a Roxy --because I think it could be very cool as a slouchy satchel, with a book, my knitting... (yes, I knit in the tropics!)
    Is the Roxy a "fussy" bag -- with all those straps and buckles? Or does it manage itself well and easily?
    Is the Annie too deep a bag and you're fishing around in it?
    What is the name of the bag that looks like a Brooke, but it doesn't have a chain strap?
    Lastly, can you scour the outlets for me and keep me posted? The whole point of this is for me to FOR ONCE not pay full price for a Mulberry. Will they ship to me -- at a U.S. address? (Nothing can come into Mexico from a shop.) Also, are there any crazy color Roxys in the outlets? That could interest me greatly. Thanks for your advice! :jammin:
  2. :tup:Hi. I have just bought a Rosemary and I have to say that the straps get on my nerves a bit when I need to quickly grab something but it is such a gorgeous bag I can cope! The Roxanne will probably be easier because it is bigger and the straps probably won't get in the way of the handles. I will probably be buying a Roxanne next (choc maybe) but will have to wait until my husband forgives me for the Rosemary purchase!
  3. It comes down to whether you like a bucket bag shape or a rectangular shape. The Roxy does have a lot going on on the outside but that does make it very edgy looking.
    The Annie is a totally different look and, possibly, has more longevity to its design but that's only my opinion.
    Another possibility would be the Hanover in choc. This is very lightweight but very slouchy and incredibly elegant.
    Once you know what you'd like I can source it for you at the outlets. They don't ship out of the UK but that's not a problem - we can sort something out. I'll PM you.
  4. Thanks Sarajane. I couldn't find Hanover on the Mulberry website. Can anyone tell me of a good picture? It looks like a hobo, right?
    I think I'm Roxy oriented. Need to get the Roxy into my life. Are there any kooky colors? Otherwise: chocolate. I need to have something on super sale. I don't mind "seconds," since, once you wear it, you don't even see the flaws or scratches. But I have a feeling that a choco Roxy is hard to find in an outlet? That's the only reason I'm saying I'm open to odd colors...because sometimes they end up in the outlets -- and with my tropical lifestyle, I can pull it off.
  5. As Sarajane says,both very different bags,my choc Roxy has aged so well,and does do that 'hugging in' thing now. It is edgy looking and quite easy to wear,fits loads in too,but if you over stuff it the length of the handles means it won't fit on your shoulder too well at all.

    I recently got the Annie in black,I had previously passed it over as I found the front pockets too reminiscent of the Roxy and I wanted something very different looking.After now having it for a while I wished I'd never passed it over,its a fab bag,much easier to wear than the Rox as the shape just lies really well under your arm,and the handles seem a bit longer,much more comfy.A little more 'ladylike' than a Rox.Doesn't hold as much,but thats no bad thing if you want to save on trips to the osteopath!!!

    And as for looking a bit like each other,well,they are Mulberrys,and I like that styling,its typically Mulberry for me,and I don't wear them together!!

    But the Hanover,now THATS a babe!! They are lovely and hold a lot!!! The choc one is beautiful,the leather is so soft and supple,as you are somewhere warm it might be the perfect bag? Looks wise and usefulness??
  6. Thanks Chaz! You have a great collection and can speak from experience of changing and using your bags.
  7. What puts me off the hanover is the fact that it's so open top so if security is an issue where you are I'd probably avoid it. The Annie isn't a deep bag at all so no fishing about for things and getting into it is easy- the ball closure can be done one-handed. i don't have a roxy but must say the additional straps always look like a faff to me!
  8. Sorry for kind of Effie-overflooding the poor forum but I think it´s look like a Brooke but doesn´t have a chain. Effie!?!;)
  9. Roxanne!!!
  10. mymlan--what's the bag on your avatar? me likey!
  11. That's her new oak Effie- was in the sale so you might get a good deal at the outlets- ask Sarajane if she's seen one- she spends loads time at shepton mallet!!!:p
  12. What do you like about your Rosemary? How do you find the straps & the weight? The Roxanne is much heavier and bigger but the same style so, if you get on with the Rosemary, and don't find the straps too fiddly, the Roxanne should work for you, too.

    In your situation, I'd probably go for the Annie as it's totally different to the bags you already have, whereas the Roxanne is similar. Due to the sale, the Annie seems to be the current bag du jour on here and I'm feeling a real outsider because I returned mine :lol:

    I've tried the Roxanne several times and, despite trying so hard to love it, the shape just doesn't work for me. I'd need to attach a shoulder strap to be able to carry it on the shoulder as it's too bulky to fit under my arm. That's not to say I wouldn't get one one day - to me, it is the quintessential Mulberry bag - but it probably won't be for a while.
  13. Yay! Effie! I totally love her:love:! So easy to carry around! Have been out and around since I got her. Goes excellent with thick wintercoats! :tup:
  14. I had been convinced that I wanted a Roxanne until I tried one on in the shop, it just wouldn't sit comfortably on my shoulder and I could see it would annoy the life out of me. I had been unsure about the Annie and I was one who also overlooked it but have since bought one and think it's now my favourite Mulberry, it is so comfortable to wear and such a nice size. I have a Bayswater which is fine when I need to carry loads of stuff but tried it recently on a shopping trip with just my purse and a few bits and pieces and felt it was daft. I would like another Annie as a casual bag, the one I have just now is black.
  15. Like many others, I have tried out the Roxy shape and it's just not for me. The bag is too heavy, it doesn't fit comfortably on my arm and I find the straps a faff. However, it's a gorgeous looking bag, particularly when aged.

    I bought a black Annie in the Xmas sale and I am delighted. I carry a lot of junk around with me, but it manages fine as both a work and a shopping bag. I don't find it too deep at all (unlike my Elgin!). The straps fit comfortably over my shoulder and it's not too bad to open and close. I have my Bays for days when I need to carry more.

    I am a fellow knitter!