Choco 05 or 06? tough choice

  1. Hi!! can anyone tell me which they think looks better. What im looking for is a more distressed, pebbly looking leather. i have seen some 06 ones in the department store, and they look really smooth which is not to my liking. Could anyone please tell me which one would be better? i have not seen the choc 05 IRL! thanks heaps!:yes:
  2. Choco 05 definitely!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  3. I have a chocolate paddy that came from Saks that is a 2006 bag. It is incredible. The leather is the softest, smoochiest leather I have ever seen on a paddy (and I have several!), and the color has amazing depth to it! Maybe I just got lucky, but this paddy would proudly stand up to any 2005 model!!!
  4. I think you can't go wrong with either one :love:

    I have an 06 choco that this is softest, silkest bag ever. But my two 05 bags have the neatest, most unique leather and dye/coloring I have ever seen.

    Have fun choosing and enjoy!! :wlae:
  5. There is a color difference between my choco 05 and 06, my 05 is actually lighter and more burgundy. :yes: Personally I like the leather on my 05 better even if it is less pebbled. It just feels so amazing!! :love:
  6. i just puchased a 05 choco few days ago...once i receive mine, i will post some pic for your refrences, however you can go to Audrey's thread, she has TWO amazing choco paddy from 05 and 06. and she also has a great photo skill...:yes:
  7. hi
    as promised, heres my choco 05...just like they mention...the 05 leather is so choco is very soft and pebble :P
    i would suggest you to purchase a 05 choco...its ver lovely:yes:
    照片 095 (Medium).jpg 照片 096 (Medium).jpg 照片 102 (Medium).jpg
  8. ITA with +sonja+. I saw several 06 chocolates at dept stores that were really smooth and just didn't stand out. It wasn't completely that the leather was smooth, they just didn't look gorgeous.:sad: Finally I found one that was perfect to my liking. Every bag is unique and it takes searching to find the perfect bag. But one thing I noticed from people's pics are that the 06 chocos may be slightly darker. :flowers:
  9. Nothing beats 2005 leather! It is buttery soft and multi-colored. A lot of 2006 models are one tone and tend to be more stiff. However, there are some 2006 paddies out there that are to die for! You just have to keep huntin'. So if you can, get an '05. If not, keep searching for the perfect '06!
  10. Thanks guys for your opinions! its been very helpful especially with the pictures uploaded of that gorgeous 05 choco bag! Yep seems like the majority thinks i should veer towards 05, and i think thats exactly what i'll do! hope i'll find the perfect one on ebay!;)
  11. Choc 05 is TDF .. love the color ....

    great choice and good luck
  12. Hi! has anyone seen the latest castor shade in the paddy? ive just been to the dept store earlier today, i think it looks a lot like choco 05! what do u guys think? or would choco 05 still be better? :shrugs:
  13. I have not seen castor in preson. Can you sneak a photo?!?! LOL!!

    How was the leather??

  14. haha.I would do it provided the security guard isnt there!LOL.hes always stationed around the chloe section. well leather is not too pebbly, the muscade one has great leather. i realised muscade ones have the best leather for this season!:wlae: :wlae: