Choc Phoebe is here, but seller didn't mention....

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    My much wanted choc Phoebe has arrived but with a fault that the seller didn't mention:

    There are blue ink stains on the inside base. That's the major issue I have but there are also quite deep scratches and scuffs on the base and sides.

    Of course, I didn't think to ask if there were ink stains as presumed any good seller would mention it. She also said it's "Used with a few scratches that you get with this sort of leather but very good condition. Mulberry bags do wear well and the leather does not look shabby!"

    Here's the link to the auction.

    HA! A few scratches my a**!!!!!! :cursing: I know these marks will blend in time, but the ink stains won't disappear.

    I haven't contacted her yet as I'm too annoyed. She doesn't offer returns so I'm wondering what to do. I wouln't have bid as high if I'd known about the ink stains and deep scratches.

    Any thoughts/advice would be helpful. TIA!
  2. That's not good! Wait for her response. And if you really are not happy with the bag, ask to return the bag and a refund, as it is not as described! If she does not want to do that, you can always open a dispute on Paypal. Takes a lot of nerves and patience, but you have nothing to loose!
  3. I would point out that bag wasn't as described and ink stains weren't mentioned. Ask for a refund initially. If she won't refund, you'll have to start an 'item not as described' dispute.
    good luck!
  4. :sad: So sorry to hear this... Hope it will resolve in one way or the other... Good luck.
  5. thats really annoying - theres no point not disclosing something like that!!! have a little think about it and see how you feel later and then send her a mail and see what she says. very annoying
  6. My honest opinion - she should have mentioned the ink stains. As far as the scratches are concerned, darwin bags do scratch VERY easily and it is unavoidable. I think you got a good price on the bag as it is lurvely! If your not happy and really feel that it is too used then you can ask for a refund based on the ink stains (and more scratches than mentioned).

    Personally, I think wait and see what she says, if she offers a partial refund (possibly £30-£50 or something like that), take it as this is such a nice bag! It really depends on wheher you wanted one in much better condition/or if you would have paid MUCH less than the price you have for this condition.

    Good luck:tup: hope you manage to sort things out and hopefully keep the phoebe!
  7. Oh what a bummer.
    She should definitely have mentioned the ink stains. After all it's not as if you're not going to notice them.
    I would contact her first & see what she says and then if you have no luck, lodge an item not as described claim. Good luck.
  8. Sugarspice has said everything that I was going to say.

    I know that the ink stains are annoying and they should have been mentioned in the sale but tbh, if it was me, I would probably just send an email stating that this defects where not mentioned and should have been, but I would keep the bag.

    The stratches are inevitable and some can be polished out with the dustbag. The ink stains are on the inside so only you will see them and the bag does look lovely.
  9. ;) i think so too! if you can forget about the ink stains, keep it!

    I think you got a good price for it.. although i hope she does some kind of a refund because you werent expecting the ink stains and she should have mentioned them. Hope you manage to sort things x


  10. I agree with sugarspice and Ali, great advice :tup:

    I do sympathise with you - it's horrible when something doesn't live up to your expectations.
    I bought a pristine as new oak phoebe on ebay last year and paid £360 :faint: so i think that you got if for a really great price. Just think if you get your refund, how will you feel having to start again looking for another one. Do you really want to send this bag, it does look lovely.

    If she is a fair seller, hopefully she will offer you a partial refund
  11. Thanks girls. I feel a bit better now, though still peeved.

    You've made good points, Ali & Sugarspice in particular, and I agree that if I can get over the ink stains, I ought to keep the bag. It really is a beauty, despite the scratches. I think a partial refund is the way to go.

    Just about to write to the seller. What do you think of this:

    Hi there,

    I received Phoebe today and, while the style is lovely, I was disappointed to find numerous deep scratches on the sides and base and very distinct blue ink stains on the interior base of the bag. Your listing said the bag was 'used with a few scratches... but very good condition' and the ink stains were not mentioned at all. It is quite obvious that neither the scratches or ink stains could have occurred in transit.

    Had I known about the ink stains I would not have bid as high. Therefore, I would be very grateful if you would give me a partial refund of £45.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Many thanks,

    I really want to rant but I know that won't get me the results I'm after. :smile:

    Oh, SHM, I think I was bidding against you on that oak Phoebe! I couldn't believe it went as high as that! Glad you got it though.
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    Glad to hear youre feeling better :smile:

    You know what I think, send that message without the bit about the partial refund.

    If you ask for a partial refund straight up she will simply tell you to return the bag thinking that you had planned this all along. SHE is in the wrong as she didnt describe the flaws properly, but I dont want you to lose the bag as you got such a good deal on it.

    Just tell her youre disappointed and are really upset that she didnt mention the ink marks and how badly scratched it is. Then wait for her to come back to you.

    What do you guys think?
  13. Your letter sounds great...restrained. The description wasn't correct. I'd be mad, too.
    Keep us posted with your results. Goodluck!!!
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    Agghhh So it's your fault!!!!!!! i bid with auction sniper so i nearly fainted when i saw what i 'won' the auction for!! :nuts:
    Still it was from a lovely tpfer who had kept it in pristine condition so not having to worry about it's authenticity etc was worth the extra to me :P

    The letter sounds good, agree with sugarspice on the partial refund bit. If she offers a refund, maybe you could suggest the partial then, but rather then say "i'd like £45 off" maybe say "would you be happy to give me a partial refund of perhaps £45"
  15. Thanks Sugarspice. I've just sent the email without the partial refund bit. Fingers crossed...

    SHM - sorry! I do think it's worth spending a bit more on a bag if you can be sure it's authentic and from a good person.