Choc Lindy @ NM Troy

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  1. Saw a chocolate togo Lindy in the display cases at NM Troy, MI, on Thursday. I wanted to try it on since it's the first time I've seen one in person. Unfortunately I could not find anyone to help me. If anyone is interested, give the store a call.
  2. I tried it on! It was beautiful! Next time you are there, ask for Lisa Hamlin- she is usually by Chloe and Chanel. she is super friendly and will definitely help you. Her number is (248) 635-8442

    Anyway, i think by the time I left today it was on hold but not sure. Definitely worth a call tomorrow!

    For those who need stats: it is Ebene Clemence size 34cm.
  3. ^^ That sounds yummy!! I love ebene!!
  4. I am sure that was a lovely bag. Anyone here snatch it up?