Choc Jacquetta at Bond St

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  1. Morning all, well I had a lovely trip to London...didn't buy anything was very sensible and restrained! I did see choco Jacquetta at the Mulberry shop in Bond St, gorgeous gorgeous bag I think it was the same price as the oak was on the website.
    Hope a tpfer gets it!:tup:
  2. Oh wow, what a great find. It must have been absolutely gorgeous. Chocolate has to be my most favourite Mulberry colour of all.
  3. Think i'm actually happy now with my oak option!!! should be delivered today!
  4. Jo, I was in two minds posting as I didn't want any oak Jacquetta buyers to get bag rage...Glad oak is arriving today, will be utterly fab I'm sure
  5. Jo, I can't wait for your verdict and pictures!
  6. They had choco Jacquetta in Edinburgh but it's 550/650 GBP( sorry couldn't remember exactly but it wasn't on sale)
  7. They must just have a back log of oak ones!!!!