choc bayswater - at last!

Aug 14, 2008
Hello, this is a teaser... Some of you will know of me dreaming and droning on about wanting a choc bayswater - well I finally bit the bullet and bought the one I have always wanted:yahoo:. It's pre-loved but looks fab from the photos and, thanks to all you lovely ladies and your wonderful recommendations and authentication, I bought it from someone I know i can trust. Once it arrives I'll take some shots of it and post them.

BUT I have learned something through this - I bought LOADS of bags while on the hunt for this one (including a lovely bordeaux bays and a choc ledbury) .... but none were quite what I wanted. So I am going to part with them once it arrives and keep the one I really really wanted. I feel like a walking morality play (one with a huge CC bill):wtf:!


Jan 31, 2008
Congrats on the new bag.
I love the Bays, but I wont do it in choco again because I have the Elgin.

I would keep the Ledbury because it is such a cute bag and it is great for those occasions when you don't want a heavier bag. Like having a mini-me for your Bays! :nuts: