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  1. #1 Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010

    I like 2 bags but i don't what to choose..I am between 1.Fendi Twins and 2.Chloe Paraty..I would like in black or chocolate at paraty and in black the twins..What do you believe??I am not searching for the it-bag but a classic bag which can be used everyday!!
    Opinions please......:biggrin:
    Thank you!!!

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  2. Hi maria! I would recommend the Paraty, it is an amazing bag and I have it on my wish list for sooo long. It is super classic but also has contemporary style so you will not look stuffy.
    Fendi's quality is not so good, and I have heard horror stories with their service here in TPF, I think PBC had a very bad incident with her Fendi.

    Oh will you be buying at Luisa by any chance?
  3. I just got a black Paraty and I'm crazy in love. It is beautifully made, easy to carry and a perfect size. I tend to avoid Fendi because of the logos but the style of that bag makes me wonder if you carry larger items that would need a large tote. If that's the case, the Paraty might be too small, but otherwise, the Paraty. :smile:
  4. If i buy Chloe Paraty,i will buy it from store in online..There is Luisa store in Greece,like the online shop..
    I am thinking paraty,too..I love the look and it can be worn easily..I was to buy tod's d bauletto but it doesn't look nc on me..So,i change my mind and think about Paraty and Fendi twins..I love peekaboo,too.But i want a more casual look,so i am between Paraty and twins..
  5. Catsby,thank you a lot..Congrats for your gorgeous bag!!
    I usually wear Bal or Ysl..It will be my first really bid bag..This is a reason that i am thinking about and of course the leather quality..
  6. Paraty hands down! also coz i want 1! :P
  7. ^:P
  8. I vote for the Fendi definitely......great looking, casual tote.
  9. I love the details on the Paraty. It has a functioning clasp on each side to expand the bag and the clasp acts like a little gold latch. How cute is that? Plus, you can hand or shoulder carry and because it hangs lower, it looks great without blocking your outfit.
  10. ita!! :biggrin:
  11. Fendi
  12. TBH, I'm not a fan of either one. The Fendi bags I've seen IRL seem kinda cheaply made--to me. And I've never seen what's so special about the Paraty that makes it a popular bag. But to each her own. I'm pointing this out kuz it means I'm not biased in favor of any of the two brands.

    I would get the one I like more (the one I'm in love with and have to have) and/or the one I know I will use more. If you like them both equally, then I would go with the one I could get a better deal for (as they're pretty close in price). If you can get them at more or less the same price, then I would choose the lighter one in weight.
  13. I think Paraty is a simple casual bag,good leather quality which can be worn everyday with many looks..I will use it more..
    I am rethinking about Fendi twins for the quality issue!!
  14. I don't know anything about Fendi and their quality issue but as a Paraty owner, I can say it's a gorgeous bag and quality of the leather is superb. If you are planning to use it as an everyday bag, I recommend to get a medium size (like the picture) since the large is really big.
  15. ^gidramom,you use your paraty as everyday bag??There is a problem with handles?
    I have tried the large size and it is really big..The medium size is the perfect size!!