Chloe's Version of the WE?

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  1. Is Chloe finding Balenciaga to be its Muse? This bag looks like it was designed by a WE lover!
    fr.jpg index.jpg Black WE.jpg Rachel Roy WE.jpg
  2. so not loving that thing :nogood:
    what's up with the finger holes in the tag-thingy :confused1:
  3. I have seen Balenciaga influence in a few bags lately - nice pick-up Boho!
  4. I'm not loving it at all, but I do think someone has been looking at Balenciaga!

    It is the same size as a WE, has things hanging off the front zipper & the side opening (finger hole thingy is def odd!), the front zip looks reminiscent of Bal, and it has two short handles on top, and magenta-ish hue.
  5. I LOVE IT!!! What is the name of it?!
  6. This Chloe also reminded me this scary Fendi:

  7. Thanks for reminding me why I fell out of love with Chloe. I cannot stand their new bags. This bag is just terrible though I wouldn't go so far as to say as this bag copied the weekender. It actually reminds me of one of Tod's clutches.
  8. It can be found on:

    Go to the menu on top and select designers, chloe, bags.

    Some awesome shoes on that site!
  9. Oh god, and it probably weighs a ton! I have a Chloe clutch that weighs more than my Black City.
  10. DARN! if only i had $1500...
  11. You are too funny!
  12. I LOVE this bag, but I see no resemblance to balenciaga whatsoever. I'm happy for chloe, they haven't been producing what I want lately and this is a step up. A lot of people like it if you look on purseblog
  13. Ok, abit out of topic here, but does anyone know what color is her WE? Its gorgeous!
  14. Agree :tup:
  15. hmmm looks a little too 'sport' and not 'luxury' enough heh for me anyways :p