Chloe's quality: not so good

  1. I've just got to get this off of my chest: I think Chloe is such poor quality. Granted, today I got a pair of the shoes from the IWS, I'm just not in love with them anymore as I was when I got them. Touching the leather, seeing how easy it will crinkle, and the light weight feel of the wood...I just don't think that I can believe the hype with Chloe. And to think, these shoes were originally $748.00 :wtf: I honestly, would have felt ROBBED (and like a total idiot) if I bought them for full price. I mean, when I compare them to a pair of Marc Jacobs Collection shoes that retailed for roughly $100.00 less that I have, the quality just doesn't compare! I understand that they are two totally different brands and styles, but as for being made in Italy, and just looking at them, I have a difficult time understanding why the Chloe shoes cost more.

    I have the same issues with the quality of the handbags. I checked out some of the Chloe bags at the sale and to me, they looked like they could have been put together in factory downtown. This isn't to personally attack anyone on this forum who does love and adore Chloe, I just don't think that the quality is what it should be for the price. If you're going to charge $1600.00 for a purse, the leather should be the highest quality and judging by the bags I saw today and the shoes, I just think Chloe's is quite shabby.

    I also understand that this was a warehouse sale at that some of the items on display were damages, returns, etc... but the vast majority of the items I saw, including the Chloe ones that I am referring to, were in solid condition so my critique takes into account the circumstances that have presented the items.