Chloes Paddingtons Reduced

  1. Hi there

    Just been to Harvey Nics Leeds and they have three paddingtons reduced form £795.00/£895.00 to £395.00/£495.00

    If anyone wants anymore details then let me know!:flowers:

  2. oh wow, i wish i could get that right now! how come they're reduced, do you know?
  3. I asked that!! There is nothing wrong with thembut apparently they are not the winter colours! They are divine though:love:
  4. Ooooh. What colors do they have?
  5. Yes - what colors! I may be dreaming, but is it impossible to find a whiskey?
  6. Did they have chocolate?
  7. No whiskey or chocolate :sad:

    I am appalling with Chloe colours - they had the light blue with silver hardware, a lemon one and a light brown!

    Sorry am useless but hope this helps! :flowers:
  8. OMG!! Light blue with silver hardware-
    MOUSSE?? :wtf:

    Lemon I'm guessing is the JAUNE

    Light brown...Hmmmm....

  9. This is just a guess but light brown might also be taupe as then they would all be s/s colours :rolleyes:
  10. there was no light brown anymore, they still do have a teal and yellow in classic paddy and a a zip paddy in yellow as well. unfrotunately, they won't sell it outside UK, I already tried. anybody in UK?? someone grab it quick!
    thank you RACHEL for giving me the info.
  11. A zippy in jauene?!?!?!
    I wants it my preciousl :graucho:

    No US buyers?? WH!!

    But thanks for checking for us Lynnix!!

  12. Oh.
    GOD!!!:love: :wtf: :drool:

    I want, i want , i want....the jaune (lemon)....:love: :drool: :love:

    Where oh where is my money tree...?:angel:

    Thanks RachelA for posting:flowers:
  13. My SA just called me - its all Harvey Nicks that are doing them. OMG!
  14. Oh I want a mousse! So sad they dont ship to US :sad:
  15. I know!! I want a mousse too. :sad: